Friday, March 30, 2007

Think'n and talk'n

Last night I was talking to a coworker about another coworker who is said to be "homophobic". I should say that the coworker I was talking to is gay. I said that I thought he was a Christian and that some are very open about how they feel about that subject. We had a nice discussion. I’m rather open on my feelings on the subject. It’s not for me to judge.

That discussion got me thinking about the saying "Love the sinner hate the sin" That would upset me to no end if someone walked up to me and said that. Look this isn’t about being an alcoholic or a drug addict, this is about being someone who loves someone of the same sex. To walk up and say that your life of being happy is a big sin is harsh.

I also had a discussion as to why same sex marriage should be legal. Here’s the brief story two women I work with were married one decided to leave. She was able to walk out of the relationship rather easily. The lady I was talking to felt that had they needed to do more then write a note to the minister letting her know that they were splitting up that they may have worked it out.

That also brings something else to light is it at time too easy to divorce? Or should it be easy to save the family from a difficult time. My cousin is now in process of divorce. He promised to make it easy in order to spare everyone hardship she made it hard so now it’s hard and the children are in the mess.

These issues are rather difficult for Christians to think about but they are there at least where I work.


byevad said...

Wow, these are tough topics, Milly. I think God is very clear on what He has designed for family relationships. And from that perspective, there shouldn't be much arguement.

I've never said, "Love the sinner, hate the sin" only because I've thought about how I'd feel if someone said that to me and I think I'd feel judged. I think it's a nice little saying to help us remember that we are to love people but not get caught up in the sin of this world.

I've got an uncle who is homosexual. I've also got an uncle who is an alcoholic. I love those men dearly and look forward to visiting with them. But I don't want to do what they do because it's not pleasing to God.

That's a gut wrenching story about the 2 women. There is a part of me that screams out, "It's unfair!" I think I'd feel the same if a man and woman were living together for several years, never got married, and one just easily walked out. In the latter case (for whatever reason), they decided not to marry. As a consequence, there was an "easy" out for them (I quote "easy" because any kind of a relationship breakup has at least emotional difficulties -- the word is a comment on the legal side of things).

Ok, enough talk'n on my end. I'll start listen'n.

Milly said...

Yep it is a tough one byevad but it's stuff I see at work. As for divorce I have yet to see anyone that just walked out with ease but it makes it darn easier to walk it you aren't having to hire a lawyer and see a judge.

Thanks for the comment I doubted that anyone one would but I still wanted to post it.

Milly said...
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rrbj said...

Milly divorce is always painful even if you can afford a lawyer ! There are hearts broken , especially children, But Its the parents that involve their children and it tends to ruin their childrens lives ? Where is the love for their children does it go down the drain also ! I have been married twice and in both cases it did not involve our children and today we have a relationship to where we can enjoy special events with our kids and grandkids parents being there ! Either parent that drags their children in all that is totally selfish people and thinks not of their kids future or theirs for that matter ? Blessings . Ron.

codepoke said...

Easy to divorce?

I don't think making divorce harder is the answer. I think we see more divorce for two reasons.
1) Women can now earn a respectable income. When a man held a woman's future in his hands with his paycheck, it was hard for her to leave. When she had no skills, how would she live.
2) Our society has forgotten courage, and it takes great courage to overcome problems. Without it, we just lose the battles we could win.

The fact that we could win the battle doesn't make the defeat less costly. We bleed just the same.