Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dark Moments

In the dark moments of the night they whisper softly as a friend might do to give comfort.
They twist their words and temp your heart.
I try to shut them out I beg for sleep.
They promise to take the pain away.
Just open the lid and smell my wonderful scent.
Close your eyes and remember the way I felt the warm burn.
I can take the pain away.
Just open the lid and take a sip.
I close my eyes and let the faces of those I love chase the demons away.
When morning breaks I have won another day to feel pain again.


Missy said...

Love does that. It saves us.

chris said...

I don't completely understand it, but I really like it!

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing this Milly. It reminded me of this excerpt from Dark Night of the Soul:

The way in which they are to conduct themselves in this night of sense is to devote themselves not at all to reasoning and meditation, since this is not the time for it, but to allow the soul to remain in peace and quietness, although it may seem clear to them that they are doing nothing and are wasting their time, and although it may appear to them that it is because of their weakness that they have no desire in that state to think of anything. The truth is that they will be doing quite sufficient if they have patience and persevere in prayer without making any effort.

laymond said...

Milly I understand completly, may your family furnish the reason, and your God furnish the strength.
If not for the grace of God, there goes I instead of him, or her.

may God bless you, brother in Christ laymond

karen said...

Wow...I have to remember....feeling pain is a blessing.

Missy said...

Don't really knows why, but I'm praying for ya!

smith said...

I liked it