Thursday, November 29, 2007

14 and all that

My son turned 14 yesterday. I love this kid he’s tender hearted, funny, and smart. People told me it would be hard having a 13 year old in the house. Aside from his messy room he’s been rather easy.
He doesn’t eat much.
I think I'm gonna like 14.

He’s wonderful to talk to and has a great way of seeing the world. I love the moments when he and I just talk. That would be when he isn’t wrestling around with his sister, they act like puppies at times.

Thank you Uncle Mark, Aunt K, and G for the gift. It was just what he wanted. ;-}

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
I love you!
I thank God for you!


Mark said...

14! 14! How did that happen! Boy, I bet you are feeling old.

Anonymous said...

Not as old as you!

karen said...

Boys rock. I'm sure girls do, too, as I am one...however, God had a plan when He kept giving me boys!

Happy Birthday 14 year old!

Kansas Bob said...

What a great mom you are!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday, Milly's boy! Your Mom always has such great things to say about you.

Good job, Milly.

Bird said...

14! My oldest will be there in 6 short years. :-)

harland said...

14! turning to be a big boy