Monday, November 05, 2007

Same o' same o'

I’ve heard that we all have a twin out there in this big wide world. I’ve been told that my twin lives in same part of the state that I do, in fact she’s closer than I realized.

Several years ago a woman walked up to me talking as if we had known each other for years. I must have looked at her as if she were nuts. She explained that I looked just like the daughter of a co-worker from the same store.

I hadn’t really given it much thought through the years until one morning at work a customer started talking to me about the night before. I told him with a smile that my husband wouldn’t have allowed me to be out dancing like that.

A few weeks ago a man started talking to me about where he knows me from and is convinced that we know each other. He still comes in and asks how he knows me.

Not long ago a couple started talking to me and asking how long it has been since we last saw each other. I looked puzzled. They looked at my name and said aren’t you _____________
I said first name is right last name wrong. Turns out that she lived in a town not far from where I work and we have the same first name.

It’s a little creepy to think that someone out there shares the same name and looks like you.


laymond said...

Milly I have the same thing happen more than once and as long as twenty years apart, different people have called me the same name and evidently they know my twin pretty well. I have never corrected them just said hello and went on my way, I bet old twin got called snooty the next time they met. Ha :) There was a reason I didn't correct them when I was younger.

Kansas Bob said...

Is the world ready for two Milly's? I'm hearing Rod Serling giving the intro to the new episode of the Twilight Zone titled..

"Double Okie Terror!!"

..maybe I'll start working on the screenplay :)

karen said...

Happens to me a lot. It's weird.

laymond said...

Milly, I would understand if I were to be mistaken for Rock Hudson or maybe even Elvis. but some stranger. I just don't know:)