Sunday, November 18, 2007

Turkeyish Prospective

Turkey Hand art by Miss Littles

Sometimes prospective hits you like a speeding garage door opener, you aren’t sure how it got wedged under the car seat until the next afternoon when you find a bump in the shape of a rectangle in your forehead then you have an ah ha moment. It’s then that you realize how blessed you truly are to only have a few bumps and bruises from the night before when a person drove his car into the back of your car at a high rate of speed. Opener flew off the visor bounced off my forehead dropped to my knee bounced to the floor slammed under the front seat.

Why do we have to have bump on the head moments?

Why do we have to be deep in the ocean before we can feel the sand on our feet?

This morning I had an ah ha moment.

I am blessed.

I live in a rather large house in a good neighborhood.

My children are healthy.
I have a family that supports me.
With all the problems at church I’m still able to worship there.
I have a job that I enjoy most of the time.
I have way too much stuff in my life.

I began to think of those who have had to worship under harsh circumstances. Hiding how they feel from those around them.

I don’t have to hide my love for the Lord.

Why do we have to be on the edge of a cliff before we look back?

Thanksgiving is a great time to be thankful for the blessing that God has given us. We have so many blessings. God understands that we feel pain, Jesus felt pain when He was on this earth. He knows His children mourn the loss of our mothers he knows that we worry about earthly things and issues. He sees our faces when we find ourselves over our heads, He holds our hands by using others. He helps us tread water and sends us a life preserver when we’re smart enough to grab it.

I give thanks for sending me friends to listen to my ramblings. Even if they didn’t want to listen to me go on and on, they still listened and asked and that means a lot to me. I won’t have a house full of people Thanksgiving because someone else wants to host the event. THAT'S A BLESSING! We will have way too much food for one sitting. We will laugh discuss politics and watch football. My family will spend time in a house full of blessings. . . .each other.

I realized that I’ve been rather self centered when it comes to what I think are huge problems. Golly no one tossed me into the hot oven. I do have to admit it was hot in that room and it felt small but no one actually put a match to me.

This week I will look at my blessings and think about how I can spend more time treasuring them.
Have a happy Blessing Day by giving thanks.


salguod said...

Perspective is a wonderful thing, is it not?

Tanks for sharing this.

Mark said...

And you have a great brother!

rrbj said...

Hi Milly,

Wishing you and yours a Happy - Blessed - Thanksgiving ! I usually read but don't take time and comment ? Thanks for all the reminders of how each of us have so much to be thankful for !


karen said...

Happy T Day to you, sister!

chris said...

Happy late turkey day! And Yes, perspective is a wonderful thing!

pearlie said...

Love the Turkey Hand art by Miss Littles :) So very creative!

And you are blessing :)
Happy Thanksgiving, albeit a late one ;)

Danny Kaye said...


"It isn't just a turkey...I made it with my hand..."

I just HAVE to say, don't I?



harland said...

Perspective is a wonderful thing, is it not?

Tanks for sharing this.

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