Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life-down and up

I’ve had a rollercoaster week.

I met with the elders again, this time we played it our way. It went better, women should be allowed to speak and this one did.
One co-worker said an inappropriate word several times and was fired.
The baby of a co-worker died a few days after birth, his service was yesterday. You realize how small your community is when those things happen. Keep them in your prayers.

Now for the upsides.
I told those men in that room how it was and how I felt.

My son and I had a great conversation about whether or not babies go to heaven. We also talked about what the fired guy said and what it means. My son was clueless about the word. Yea! It’s a hard word for some to hear and someday it’s going to hurt my niece, which hurts our hearts that some stupid boy could say something that will cut her heart. I makes me want to grab the boy and shake him until he understands how harsh it is. I pray some day that the children of the world not know that word. I give praises that my son doesn’t use those words that hurt.

The son went with his aunt to a mission to serve food this week. The boy loves to do God's work there.

I had lunch with my daughter at school with one of her friends. I brought the chickeny goodness for us, it’s a great place to get fast food from because they are always so nice. Lunch with Miss Littles was fun. First I have to say that I handpicked the neighborhood and that school. I found a reserved for parents table when I arrived. They have a special table just for us! The kids were allowed to talk, discipline was a big thing at the old school so the kids had to be quiet. I heard a few no running warnings and one cafeteria attendant had to judge a “He started singing first argument”, She sent the boy back to his chair with a “stop it both of you.” Kids being kids is ok in this school.

I spent some time talking with a friend yesterday morning. It was a nice way to get my day going. Kevin is right a cup of coffee with a brother is valuable. I treasure the time we spent talking.


chris said...

I admire your ability to speak up for something you believe in. Keep it up!!!

harland said...

I admire your ability to speak up for something you believe in. Keep it up!!!