Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We walk on

Christmas will be here soon and she never has her shopping completed. I took her last week and she didn’t even really shop. My sister grimaced at what I had just said. She called her.

Mom wasn’t feeling well and she just hadn’t been well all week. She said was worried that she’d become ill while out, darn it I want to have lunch and shop with my girls and grandson. She called back.

We enjoyed a lunch together then hit the stores. Sadly my sister had to go early. Mom and I walked the mall several times talking. We weren’t really shopping just enjoying the time together.

It’s odd how He talks to us. I sat that Saturday before at a party for a women’s group that I belonged to listening to Barbara talk about how she forgot that her mother was gone. She was cooking and wanted to ask her something so she picked up the phone and started to dial. I remember thinking how important mom is to me that night. I even told mom what the friend had said . . . she understood, she missed her mom also. I was sitting in the pew that Sunday when I heard a baby cry, I remember thinking that’s music to Gods ears it’s life, life He gave us. I thought about how things happen one dies another is born, we cry for our losses as a baby cries in hunger.

And we walked together just talking.

She stopped and looked at me and said “If anything should go wrong with my heart take me to Tulsa I don’t trust the other hospital”

I agreed asking if she should tell me something.

“No, I was just thinking”

And we walked on.

We stopped in the book store, a treat for her grandson a 101 Dalmatians book. Now tucked away in a special place. We didn’t know how important that book would be.

We watched the little train go around for a while. My son loved watching it.

And walked on.

We lingered and laughed at the fact that we just didn’t want to leave each other yet as we slowly walked talking about things in our lives.

Finally we gave in and went to our cars. As always we hugged and kissed goodbye. I love you was always said when we parted.

She got into her little car, it was freedom to her, though she fretted at her driving as she aged. I watched as she drove away smoking, smiling, and waving.

I put out the decorations today, it’s a nice day for it. Holly on the bench and two small Christmas trees this year.


Laymond said...

enjoy your mom while she is here

Milly said...

I did and I miss her.

Danny Kaye said...

Cotton Pickin' Mil-Girl!
Ya' gotta start puttin' a "getcher Kleenex ready" warning on top of these posts.

Excellent writing, Milly. You have the most amazing capability of endearing people to your stories. And I know this is because they flow from your heart.