Thursday, December 28, 2006

Feeling Blessed

Today as I was surfing for something to watch on television while making lunch I came across a documentary called Checkpoint.

My daughter struggled to read the subtitles and I was glad she isn’t a fast reader at times. It shows the mundane part of working as a soldier of check points. You see how difficult it is to go from one city to another, some were trapped in between the check points. Children were sent on alone, my daughter hated that. "You would never do that would you momma?" "No I wouldn’t, but we don’t know why she did that she may felt it safer for them to go on without her."

I live close to Tulsa, in fact it’s right there. It’s hard to believe that I might go to Tulsa in the morning for work and not be able to go home that evening.

What drew me in to watch this?
The young man who asked a minister for a photograph with him. The minister insisted that he remove his helmet and gun. As you know that’s a very dangerous move to make in a country where dying is a noble mission. The young man looked to be about in his teens, when he removed those furnishings of war he didn’t appear to be much older then my son. My heart ached when I saw that boyish grin, he should be thinking of girls and chasing after lofty dreams. When the minister said that he wished it would stop and the boy could go home the boy said something that hit me hard. I had to get up from the chair and walk away he’s just a boy like our little boys. He said "I miss my mommy"

In January we are having a day of prayer I will be spending my hour praying for you and praying that the boy is able to put down that weapon take off the helmet and go home to his mommy.

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Kansas Bob said...

It is a sad fact that our little boys (and girls) often have to grow up very fast. I am sad when I think about how fast my son and daughter had to grow up in their pre-teen years ... I know that my daughter lost a bit of her childhood. Life is often unfair to the youngest amongst us.

Thanks to you Milly for praying ... I am convinced that, in the long haul, it will be the difference.