Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Surprise for Me

My husband and I gave up giving gifts to each other at Christmas some time ago so when a little something shows up it’s well planned or just a cool find for each other. Last year he had someone pick up a Dallis Cowboy Drew Bledsoe jersey while they attended a game. I had absolutely no idea he was in search of one, I did know that they couldn’t be found in the Tulsa area.

This year after hearing me talk about finding the movie Groundhog Day he surprised me with the DVD. Too cool.

We love to have people over for games or a movie. We are going to watch the movie and have dinner taking time to discuss the religious aspects of the movie. I’m going to view it on my day off to start taking notes, be ready to hear from me on this movie.

1 comment:

Kansas Bob said...

I love Groundhog Day! Look forward to your post on it!