Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Tuesday and. . .

I called her to tell her that her grandson had checked out fine, must have be a little virus. She complained that her arm hurt from the shots and going to get a flu and pneumonia shot might not have been a good idea today because she really hadn’t felt well lately. Arms get a bit sore from shots, that could be it. Most likely, we talked on.

The phone rang, a panicked cousin, where’s your mom?

At home, she isn’t feeling well.

I know she’s in a lot of pain and your dad’s on his way to take her to the doctor.

I’m baby sitting tonight for friends.

I called my sister and explain what little I knew.

After a while I called the hospital, my sister is on her way to my house and the parents are due to pick the baby up. They have sent her home. I called dad. He explained what the doctor said.

They picked up the baby. We loved playing with him. Those two were so over joyed for us when I got pregnant. He was my boss and they were very good friends. When my son was born they insisted on babysitting. She brought him in at lunch so that I could see him. Mike had held him that morning while shaving and he carried him around as he worked and held him while he ate Lynn was great at taking care of him. I was so glad that they had two littles of there own. Time has past us and they moved away. I miss those two.

My sister and I stay up for hours talking.

I think that something is wrong, when I went to bed I just couldn’t sleep.

Something felt wrong.

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