Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Now that I’ve gotten my candle burning

I can light another’s candle.

Ok so I have to drop this candle thing. How can you tell someone that they don’t seem to be on fire with the spirit of the Lord? If you’re just that blunt and sure of what you are going to say then I suppose that you might walk up and tell them. I’m not, I’m not because I never really know what’s in others hearts. I would sit down and tell them how I have had moments failure in my walk with our Lord. I stumble, I’m a klutz in my walk, I turn and look at what’s behind me, not what’s waiting in my path.

Milly can really do it sometimes. I’m surprised it hasn’t been shown on TV somewhere. One day after purchasing my makeup I headed into the mall for more shopping, I turned and looked over my shoulder BAM! I ran face first into the glass door of the rather nice store I was leaving. I adjusted myself and tried to be cool. I wanted to pass out, my face hurt. Now I can pass it off to the fact that the door was pulled out a bit more then normal, and it was. The honest truth. . . .I was looking in the wrong direction. Looking the wrong way in my walk gave me a black eye and a wounded ego. If we turn our heads in our walk with God, we get wounded. Our wounds are healed because of His.

So how do we wake every day and hold on to that?

This world is filled with those who hurt us, it’s full of lies, and liars. It’s easy to fall prey to the demises of God’s love. What on earth qualifies any of us to sit next to someone and talk about their walk? Heck I can’t seem to get past the glass door.


I would hope that someone might say to me "Listen you aren’t living it."

What then if I listen to you and walk away without talking about what’s going on? You can pray for me.

I have no answer as you can see because each one of us experience God on our own and no one can light our fires but us, God waits for us to put flame to wick and shine in the darkness of this world.

I pray that we can all walk passed those glass doors without getting a black eye.


Maeghan said...

I can light another's candle.

That is quite a fully-loaded statement. Because like you have pointed out, who am I to light up others but on the other hand, what am I if I do not offer myself in service to others. I think it all boils down to our heart - when our heart is right with God, we can spread the light and hopefully that can light up the others too.

So how do we wake every day and hold on to that?

Thanks for the reminder -- I need that -- I have been waking up lately without much of an energy to face the day. I need the reminder that our wounds are healed by Christ.

codepoke said...

Nicely written, Milly. :-)

Missy said...

Milly, I like you! You have a real humble, inward focus on your own struggles and a genuine desire to help others. That's a great combo, sis. You ask a lot of questions in this one that I should ask myself every day.