Wednesday, December 20, 2006


artwork by SteveHanks

Have you ever felt out of sorts? And you can’t really figure out why but you feel it. My family is a bit out of sorts these days. The missing those who have left this earth. The reality that the cancer might win. It’s hard to hold focus when these life lessons are going on but we should.

My daughter is going to be an angel for Christmas Eve services, ok all the children are going to be angels, she’ll be the best and I know you all agree. I might not see her because I’m working . That doesn’t matter. . .she will still sing on.

We shop and fret about dinner. . . should we buy this and cook that? I doesn’t matter.
Christmas is a time of coming together to rejoice in a birth that gave us life. Then I didn’t need to tell you this did I?

It’s odd to celebrate this day to me because my CoC background tells me that we should celebrate it every day. . . we don’t, not really. We get up and go to work . . .do you think about Jesus or do you think about your day to come or the song on the radio?

I want to make that my New Years resolution to think of the birth, to rejoice every day but that wouldn’t last because I become self centered. So today I will pause and rejoice.


byevad said...

Milly, I'm just about always feeling a bit out of sorts.

You touched on the key... One day at a time! Today, I'll join you in your focus.

Maeghan said...

I am feeling out of sorts myself too. Sigh ...

We try out best to remember Christ and abide in Him everyday. Yeah, easier said than done but we try.

Karen said...

You know how I feel. Bless you sister this holiday! I'm praying for peace and health for you.

I think if we all as Christians just settle down and remember our Savior, then the other stuff falls into line as far as the silliness that happens at this time. That is the core of why we all feel out of my humble opinion.

Missy said...

Bless you, Milly! I will miss you over my holiday trek back to Tejas. I will pray for the holiday to bring you tremendous, unexpected joy!