Sunday, December 03, 2006


Laundry sits waiting for me to fold,
My head hurts day two of this annoyance.
The headache takes a toll on my mood, eyesight, and temper.
I failed to fill the script that would have given relief, Why ?
Simple economics I had to fill the others first
Pills that take away some of my eyesight, they are dry and things blurry, I get dizzy but my body needs them, so I’m told.
My son has to have his huffer.
So my other pills had to wait.

I want to be at full strength as soon as possible. I know it takes time. It’s difficult when you aren’t sure that everything is taking like it should it seems that my body isn’t rejecting what they put in, that’s a good thing. I just need it to hold for several more years.

I woke early to find a beautiful sunrise on the snow. The earth around me is so amazing. Each flake different, like us together. We together can be pure enough to make a place in Heaven with the love of the one who created the snow.

Laundry waits


L.E.Meredith said...

Milly I pray this new congress will help the working people to be able to afford the medicine we need that is just one reason I am a democrat. God Bless

Missy said...

The first snowflakes began to fall here, just as I began to read this. It's not quite cold enough for them to stick, but you can hear them fall - they are much louder than I thought they would be.

Laundry waits, and I pray for you.

Milly said...

The head banger has passed thank God. I was taking a lot of pills, thinking this can't be a good thing.

My husband finished the laundry. Thank you honey.

Loud snow! are you sure it's just snow I've been back east when it snowed and it wasn't loud. Then again NH is a whole other place.

It will be a different snow then you are use to. We get a wetter one here.

Thanks for the prayers the pity party is now over. Sometimes I just feel. . . well I suppose we all do. My daughter put her little hand on my forehead, that goes a long way in healing me mind, spirit, and body.

Missy said...

I am so glad - God bless the husbands and the littles!

The snow isn't loud - it's just louder than silent. I have never really had the chance to listen to snow. Rarely experienced it in Texas and when I did, kids where laughing all over - no silence.

It's very quiet here, and lots of trees for snow to fall on. It makes a gentle sound, but a sound nonetheless. There's a poem in that for me to work on. But there is laundry to do!