Friday, December 15, 2006

It is just a day

Today was just an ordinary day I suppose. I don’t remember it. It’s been so many years and it was just a day not like the other days. Did she call today? I don’t remember. We called each other almost every day, Mondays were harder you had to regroup from the weekend.

To say that she was not just my mom but she was my best friend isn’t a lie. We were close, we talked about everything. . . . even that.

She would scold me as moms do but she was special because she knew how to love us for who we were. Things that my siblings did I didn’t do. Things that I did, sins that I committed were listened to and forgotten.

She prayed hard and loved openly.

When my marriage was hurting she listened. At times she gave me advice I didn’t want to hear. She was right.

She didn’t like or get jokes, we drove her crazy dad and I when we went through the joke phase. She was funny and she loved to laugh. The faces that she made alone were enough to get me going. Mom love to laugh at herself, her telling of her day at times was hysterical. It was clogged so I looked in the hose and pushed the reverse button, the thing is that it took me way to long to figure it out.

She loved people and felt for those less fortunate then us. She understood that sometimes people do what they can to make it.

She loved my son so much that she would cry. I’d look over and see her tears or she’d call to tell me that she loved him so much that she just had to cry. She gave him so much love.

It was just a day I can’t remember.


Odepoke said...

Danny Kaye is absolutely right about your posts on the empty hole in your life where your mother used to be.


I cannot say anything to help, sister, but the beautiful way you are sharing where she was is just stunning. I'm sure your littles will say the same about you when your time comes. You fill a very big, warm, rich treasure in their lives.

May the Lord bless you with rich mourning, rich comfort, and the heart to send all that love forward.

Thank you for writing.

Missy said...

Milly, there are so many things you say here that I have imagined you to be,

..."she knew how to love us for who we were."

"She prayed hard and loved openly."

"Mom loved to laugh at herself, her telling of her day at times was hysterical."

"She loved people and felt for those less fortunate then us."

"She gave him so much love."

I may be wrong, but I felt these things were a part of you almost instantly. This season, you will be in my prayers for comfort.