Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas thoughts

My favorite Christmas memory as a child was when a friend of my Dad’s gave us some hay for the reindeer. Now I have to tell you that my Dad loved holidays, growing up poor he cherished his family and the gifts that we were blessed with. His friend was a colleague from work, we loved his family and still look forward to spending time with his wife and children, the friend died several years ago from cancer. His memory will always be with us because of things like this.
Back to the hay

Where does Santa land that sleigh?

Yes, on the rooftop because he comes down the chimney .

Where should the hay be put?

That’s right on the roof top in the snow, a nice treat for those who don’t always have a white Christmas.

Not so nice for the Daddy who has to climb up and get it down at midnight in the cold snow.
Santa also left boot prints from the fire place that year.
I love my Santa.

Here’s a great way to give the reindeer a snack. Feed them reindeer food.
It’s glitter and flour mixed, you toss it in the air.

The kids love it and you don’t have to climb the rooftop in the middle of the night rethinking your friendship.

I also loved the Christmas where I played Mrs. Santa Clause
I was hired by a local landmark restaurant along with Santa to. . . . well you know the drill. It was a Mexican restaurant so we also had a talking tree. Ok so that make no since anywhere, still having the guys sing How Much Is That Doggie In The Window was fun as the tree panicked about dogs. Oh and we’d wait until someone walked by alone and the tree would talk to them, they’d go and get someone to listen to it and the tree wouldn’t speak, we’d act like they were nuts, yep I might just go to heck for that. I would also read It Was The Night Before Christmas to the tree it would interrupt and ask a lot of questions, the kids loved it.

The best thing about being a part of it was the love that parents had for their children, we had several tell us about divorces so that Santa would know to say he’d be at both homes. Diabetic children were given special treats from the treasure room instead of candy canes. One child was confused about seeing so many Santas around, it was explained that we were helpers so that Santa could prepare for Christmas. The cool thing was that they honestly thought that Santa knew them. I thought it was rather cool that we were part of a memory for someone else. Who knows someone might be blogging about the time Santa knew he was going to be spending Christmas with just mom and not dad that year or traveling to grandma and grandpa’s house.

I’m enjoying the fact that my daughter still believes, my son reasoned it out some time back. He did the math and feels in no way can one man do all that. I’m proud of those reasoning skills but darn the growing up sometimes.

Miss Littles also wants to talk to Santa, she feels that she has some explaining to do.
She so does. ;-}

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