Monday, December 11, 2006

I should be doing other things today.

I should be at the cemetery tending to things

It is what I do after all
The flowers aren’t even ready yet
Life moves on and that’s how she wanted it

I should be cleaning the bench and the marker
I should check on the baby, I could have put something on the grave so that his parents know that we care, they know I listen to them when they need to talk

Flowers for Christmas,
I should have already taken them out

I wonder if the teen who died not so many years ago still gets visits from his friends. I don’t see Dr. Peper and powdered doughnuts anymore. The cigaret butts left and one unburned as a tribute are no longer as they move on with their own lives, hopeful wiser about drinking and driving

Parents leave toys for the lost children a broken heart never to mend.
So many left undecorated, people move on with there lives
That’s good

I don’t know why but it’s comforting to tend to those duties

I look at those near her grave and wonder if they are missed like she is

Her last bit of good advice
"Life is too short, to worry about the little things."
She was so right.

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