Thursday, May 04, 2006

teacher>noun a person who teaches in a school

I’m winding down my volunteer time at my daughter’s school. She will be at a new school next year. I’m sad that our time there is ending they have so many great teachers. I’ve been involved in that school for six years. Some of those ladies have reassured me when I cried because my son went to the next level, a whole new school. I don’t know his teachers. Grade school is so much easier they welcome you in. I feel as if I’m leaving my family.

Some of the teachers still boast about how my son taught them. He honestly taught them how to teach a method in math so that the other students could understand.

The teachers teaching my children at that school are Christians. In a public school. We have scriptures written on the floors under the carpet.

The people in that school have been a blessing to us.

As I was cleaning out some junk in my computer I found this letter that I had written for one of my son’s teachers for a grant.

When asked the definition of a teacher most will respond with the same as the dictionary.:one who teaches, that is not the definition of Ms*****. Her definition would read; Ms***** > a woman of great character, one who arrives early and stays late, she works tirelessly with the students, she gives individual attention to each student and their parents. She understands individualism and encourages them to enjoy being themselves.

Ms****'s day at school begins with lining up safety patrol, flag bearers, chess club, and the broadcast studio. She does these tasks with a smile and encouraging words to the students. She will not take the credit for her hard work because she fells that the credit should go to the others who help and to those students involved.

Her time in the classroom is spent exploring the world and beyond with her students. She believes there is no limit to learning. This isn’t a traditional classroom environment she allows the children to complete their thoughts, then she gives them more to think about. She is always open to experience new challenges and is ready to help them past the hurdles to succeed with the adventures of their minds. In a place of traditional learning where doors are closed to the students who’s abilities beckon beyond the curriculum she is able to open the doors and allow them to touch the world outside traditional learning. She is an ambassador, a voice for our children who are sometimes misunderstood because of the extrodanary way that they think and feel.
Ms***** understands them and seems to love each one for who they are.

After the last bell rings she doesn’t pack her belonging for home she begins to work again with the safety patrol, flag bearers, and chess club. She waits until every parent has asked all the questions they had and patiently has answered each one. Many times she has stayed late in order to help my child with a special project that has gotten him into accelerated math. She easily could have told him to catch her the next day, as many of us do in our busy lives, that’s not this unusual teacher.

She spends her day at school expanding the minds of her students who are in her classes and those who wander past her very open class room. You see last year she was moved to the commons area. Leaving her a teacher with out walls. She spent the summer decorating and adjusting so that when her students came back in the fall they would feel welcome. When the carpet was replaced she came in and wrote encouraging words on the bare floors. I have often walked in those places and smiled at the thoughts and love that she had taken the time to write. Time that I know she could have spent elsewhere.

I honestly believe that this teacher wakes every morning with the wonder of what new exploration and new discoveries are in store for her and her students. She enjoys watching them learn. I’ve watched her with the students, her smile and the way her eyes light up tells me how extrodanary she is. It is as if she too has discovered what those precious young people have discovered.


codepoke said...

I'm sorry. You have to share her with others who will come after. :-)

May the Lord bless your son's next move!

Milly said...

My son has moved on to the next level. Here they go from grade school, to middle school, to eight grade, to I High, then to the high school. The opportunities to get to know the teachers dwindle.

I passed this teacher's open class room the other day and thought it looked like a youth ministry. Kids sprawled out on bean bag chairs, the floor, and a porch swing reading. She’s our ARC teacher so she has the smart kids. In a lot of ways it is a youth ministry.

My son is loving most of the classes he's taking this year. They keep his interest.