Monday, May 08, 2006

Just Wondering

A verse from a song posted on a blog has stuck in my head.

Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church

Jesus would without a doubt be given the basic needs in most churches, a Bible, cloths, food, money, & a ride to the bus stop.

Now for the sake of argument, only to make us think.

We don’t recognize him, we don’t see who he is. Settle down! Remember, it’s for the sake of argument.

Would you listen to him?

Would you stop thumping the Bible and put away your arrogance?

Would you listen?

Let’s say we let him speak. He has been chosen to fill in for the minister.

Someone escorts him to the stage area. He isn’t dressed in the three piece suit with a tie that says W W I D? on it. He doesn’t have a woman with lots of make up and fake eye lashes with him. He looks like one of us.

The sound tech offer to wire him up. He turns all sound down. The sound man looks uneasy, he mumble as he walks away about being heard.

What about your power point? The computer persons asks. He laughs and looks at his finger. No thank you. I’m low tech today.

After several songs. He is introduced. He walks onto the stage and looks out at the faces in the crowd. What are the expressions?

Please my brothers and sisters move closer. The children move in. They have less doubt, they don’t have the ability to pull scripture out at will.
All of you please come, I bring good news. Most move to him. A few stay in their places. They have been in that seat for more than twenty years and no one can make them move.

He shields his eyes from the spot lights as he looks up. Please turn those off and join us. The crew joins gives in and starts to the steps. You also, he says to the camera man. A . . . I . . .Me? If I come we won’t have A CD, DVD, or a video. Yes please forget those things you only need our Father’s words.

People gather around to hear him.

Where are you sitting?

We all want to say, I was one of the first to walk to him. How could I not know my savior.

What’s your honest, in your heart, answer?

Would you listen and not hear?

Would you hang on his every word to learn or hang on his every word to find fault?
(After all you know the Bible you’ve read the books and you own a W W J D? Tie. The kids got it for you on Father’s Day last year.)

Does our arrogance get in our way of hearing Jesus?


codepoke said...

Amen, Milly!

Back in Paul's day those pharasaical, legalistic, closed-minded Jews allowed Paul to take the floor and share. Us of the time of grace would never imagine allowing such a thing to happen. The congregation would freak if the pastor stepped down for some guy off the street.

Great way of putting it.

Milly said...

Thank you,
I think God gave me something to think about because I kept thinking sure I'd welcome Him and . . .HMMM?