Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eve and the drugs

I was talking with a male co-worker yesterday when childbirth came up and Tom C. (The Actor who knows nothing about women)
I said "Thank God for the drugs."

His response was "I don’t think it came from God, remember Adam and Eve?"

Genesis 3:16
16 To the woman he said, "I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."

Yes I do and I still thank God for the drugs. I felt the beginning of labor with my first one. They induced at midnight and by one I was ready to leave. Honestly, my husband was asleep and all was quiet, except for this woman breathing and stuff. I started to formulate a plan in my head of how to get out. I had laughed at the stories from other women saying that they told the nurse they were leaving. I don’t laugh any more. I was the only one in labor that night. I had the whole area to myself, my get away wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. I needed a good plan, only thing was, I was in pain and had stuff hooked to me so thinking was interrupted by breathing. Labor hurts a lot, It’s small pain the big pain and so on. The pain never stops. I told my co-worker slam your head over and over in the car door, it would feel better than labor. Back to the plan, as if a woman in labor could just walk past the nurses. I had the same nurse the whole time she was eager help me she’d notice if I strolled past her. The plan actually worked, it distracted me from the pain until the Grand One came, that’s right the dude with the drugs. I was going through transition when he put the needle in my back. I remember thinking I’m going to be paralyzed. I’ve heard stories. Once he open it up I was pain free and in love with the Grand One. The dude could lead women to a bunker to wait for a space ship with that kind of power. You wouldn’t want a bunch of women in labor in a bunker. You men reading this probably just cringed. (Sorry if you have nightmares)

God sent me drugs and a great nurse. She didn’t just take care of me she also took care of my family. She checked mom’s pressure. My mom was a bit nervous. She knew the moment when I started to loose it, she took my hand and looked at me then sternly but calmly said "Where’s your focal point? Breath that’s it you’ve got it." She almost delivered my son and after we held him she carried him to the nursery, not the father. We didn’t mind she was a big part of taking care of us. She was sent to us by God. The nurse, my doctors, the Grand One, and those drugs.

When I checked into the hospital with my second one I was ready for an easy labor and such because the first one went fast and as my doctor said, the second you go into labor come, call on the way because it could be faster. We don’t want to miss the window of opportunity for drugs. I chose to induce this time because I was huge and ready. I loved being pregnant it’s the most incredible feeling for me. I wasn’t gaining enough weight, a first for me. I was constantly watched by family when I ate and my doctor kept telling me to eat. I was huge. No joke. I looked like a VW was stuffed up my shirt. I felt as if I was carrying a small car. We checked in early watched CHIPS and waited for them to give me the drug that brings pain. They tried other forms first finally they broke my water to discover a complication. I was given my good drug by a man that must have been an A&P mechanic first because it felt like he was riveting my back, the drugs seemed to settle on my right side a lot more than my left so I was unable to move one side. I remember thinking wow this is good I’m feeling pretty darn good. My husband looked at me and smiled. "Good drugs?" His smile went away when the nurse came running in laid me back and started reviving me. Light-tunnel. Hello. My pressure was dropping. (This nurse was a neighbor and was wonderful.) I now had oxygen, IVs with cuffs strapped to them, tubes in places, and couldn’t move one side. I made a joke about being Robo Mom. They gave me the bad drug. The pump wasn’t working and the not so great one wasn’t rushing to help. I had a nurse change and this one was good just not the fun one I wanted. After a while the nurse started playing with the pump them left. I said to my husband as the pain level came up. "I think she turned the pump off." He responded with "She did.". "WHY! What did I do to her?" "The pump isn’t working right."

Ok again slam your mid regions in a car door over and over again then tell me how it feels.

I was told to call when I felt like pushing. For those who have seen in movies and heard stories about women refusing to push. . .. HUH!?

When she was born she was covered in goo, everyone was covered. The doctor held her upside down for a bit. I asked about her rating. It’s too early but she was an eight. Thank God I thought as they worked on her. I don’t remember holding her. I did because I remember the ick. She should have gone to NICU but she looked great. As my husband carried her to the nursery she stopped breathing. I wasn’t able to freak out because my pressure was still very low. My Aunt called to check on me. (I’ll post about her some day) I told her what was going on. She quickly hung up and called another Aunt in church. That aunt stood in church that Wednesday night and halted services, honestly she yelled for them to stop everything so that they could pray. You can’t stop a Southern Woman, COC or not. I could feel those prayers.

Needless to say, in what seemed to be forever for my family before she was able to breath on her own. My pressure came back up the next morning and I waited until everyone was gone and released the emotions of having a hard time, of missing my mom, and giving my father a granddaughter.

God took care of us. He showed us how cherished life is. AND he gave me good drugs, yep, even though they could have killed me I still appreciate them.

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