Monday, May 22, 2006


As I was listening to music this morning I started thinking about the sports that I enjoy. Not an odd thing for me to transition to because I was listening to Chris LeDoux.
I love Bull Riding. I check the stats and have tickets for the next .

I love hockey and enjoy Schutzhund . I am also a Dallas Cowboys fan.

All of these are aggressive sports.

Bull riding requires a person to get on a bull that has been chosen to buck. The bull is also rated so that the stock breeder makes sure the ride is a good one. You don’t want a bull that doesn’t give a good performance it means less points and a re-ride doesn’t always go well. You have to sit on this huge animal who’s only job in life is to buck a cowboy off and make good stock. (As in breeding) Not too hard a life. Eight seconds doesn’t seem to be a whole lot when you’re sit’n in front of your computer. Try flying around, being tossed about, slammed to the ground, and hopefully not stepped on by a large beast.. BTW guys, no cup, it makes it worse.

Hockey is a very fast paced sport and . . . most of us know hockey. I don’t like to see them fight and I believe most true fans don’t. We love the skill of it.

Schutzhund is a German dog sport. Tracking, obedience, and protection. Yes, the latter is my favorite. I was once training my dog and let the decoy choose what he wanted me to do. He instructed me to just open the crate and send him. I still get goose bumps thinking of that moment when my dog flew at that sleeve. I stood enthralled at the sight of him holding it. Not the best thing because you need to out the dog at some point after all there is a guy under there. They slip the sleeve and your happy dog gets to parade around with it.
Football is football. I never really got the game until my husband explained it to me. Now I enjoy the Cowboys. Drew’s arm is amazing.

I enjoy baseball, not like I use to Pete Rose was the guy who taught me to love it. His face lit up when the play was good his wonderful smile. It’s changed now they seem to just be playing for money at times. I think the minors are better now then the majors. I miss Pete Rose and Johnny Bench when the Reds were the best.

I use to enjoy the idea of tennis, I’m just not good at it and can’t sit and watch for long. I find this a bit strange because I can watch fishing. Then again I love to fish. When you watch fishing you need to listen to what they say it’s a hoot. I love archery but not BB guns. I love Nas car racing hate the wrecks.

Why do I love sports where men get slammed? I was wondering this at five AM as I drove to work. I like men and rarely do the man slam in fact I hate the man slam. I love boxing. HMM. . . .Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this.

Milly in therapy?



codepoke said...

Hmmm. I thought Schutzhund was just a funny way of saying German Shepherd. Sounds much, much more interesting now!

Milly said...

It can be a very macho sport.
I love it even the tracking part then again the dog in the picture was an excellent tracker.

As for why I love those sports It requires skill and darn good luck the ones with animals depend on the beast to co-operate.