Sunday, May 14, 2006

Silly Milly

Ok. . . I love to joke and play. I have s l o w l y learned that I need to filter what I say and write.

The other night at work I made a joke about being a stripper. I alluded to it by saying something about dancing and blinking lights. (I’ll spare the details. Not that I said anything vulgar, It was what I said and how I walked away that let one man to think I had been a stripper.

I don’t think the other thought it. Then again he wasn’t putting his young past against our old past lives.

Make a point!

Our conversation went like this:

When I walked back by the man said (We work together BTW) Are you a dancer? I laughed and said nope I use to two step in college with friends. Oh you said something about dancing and I was. . .( He looked embarrassed) No I was just kidding. He then told me of his past life of smoking, drinking, and strip bars. I said yes I was a smoker, drinker, and went to see the men strip myself.

He then told me that he is a Christian. I told him that I too was and that I tend to open my mouth without thinking. He told me how shocked he was by what people say. I’m seldom shocked. I was one of them.

"Wake up Milly and curb your mouth! People can hear you!" Was what I thought as I walked away. I have a friend who is like me and a few times we’ve had to call each other on it.

It’s very cool that this man, who really doesn’t know me, cared about me. I could see the concern in his eyes.

God bless him for loving me, a sister he barely knows.

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