Wednesday, January 31, 2007

...and the snow falls

Once again the world around me is covered in white.
My dog has spent the day barking at the birds who were looking for a crumb from the man in the house.
He thought of them when he arrived at the end of the bread.
She’s intrigued by the snow always moving bringing her prey drive up.
She’s barking at snow also.
The house holds only the two of us it’s quiet except for the washer and dryer and a bark here and there when she takes breaks from her naps to look out the window.
I love the snow it seems to cleanse the world around me with the purity of white.

Remember to feed the birds


Missy said...

Snow, again? If you live in the south it's hard to believe in "Global Warming" right now!

Milly, everytime you write about caring for the birds I think about Matthew 6:26 and that God uses you to feed the birds so they do not have to worry!

Milly said...


harland said...

Oh God, this cold weather.

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