Friday, January 26, 2007


On January 17th I asked how you talk to God.

Today I was wondering how God talks to you.

I believe being a good Father He talks to us on our level. I think that He talks to each of us at times in only ways that we understand because He knows how we can be.

For me it’s just like in the book Old Turtle "It rumbled loudly, like thunder. And it whispered softly, like butterfly sneezes."

God puts things in my way so that I can see what must be done. He’s handed me phone numbers and friends.

At times He uses other’s voices to speak to me. I’ve found myself leaning back in my chair thinking that God was directing that to me in the middle of a sermon or when reading a post.

I’ve been awakened in the middle of the night with His voice in my head giving me guidance.

He speaks to me.

How does God talk to you?


laymond said...

Through the Holy Bible and a good conscience.

Missy said...

I am sure I audibly heard His words once, many years ago. It saved my life and I can't explain it any other way.

I think think he speaks to me through the love of others, His Story, blocked paths and opportunities. I am sure I am making too much noise to hear much of it. Good question - I look forward to the answers!

byevad said...

Ooooo!!!! Great question, mil-gurl!

Let's see: through the budding trees in spring, the soft gentle breeze, the lapping waves as the tide goes out, the crashing waves as the tide comes in, the birds that visit our feeder in the morning, the rising sun, the twinkling stars, the mouths of my little girls. He speaks to me through the quiet of the morning before everyone else is awake and through His Word. He speaks to me through the pain that I endure in life situations and through good friends that stick by my side.

Ummmm... let's see... that's all from the top of my head. I'm sure there's about another couple dozen ways that God speaks to me.

Thanks for a great couple of posts sister Milly!

jacr02 said...

great ? milly,i think god speaks to me in alot of of the ways he speaks to me is through other peoples actions. you know those actions that we all learn from.what not to do what to do in most all trials. that we face on our walk through life.if we would just stand still an lisen . an through his word we can all ways get messages from him if our minds an heart are in the rite shape. god bless you.

pearlie said...

I know he spoke to me once verbally once, when I really needed to hear him and now, mostly through the bible, good friends and through prayer.

Paula Harrington said...


I really like this post. I also believe God speaks to us. We just need to listen.

Good post.

karen said...

I love this question, Milly...He has spoken to me verbally...I'm not sure it was His voice--perhaps He used angels...but clear, spoken words many times, once to save my life in traffic (He yelled!) and in crisis situations with loved ones to tell me how it will work out.

DugALug said...


Hum-dinger of question! ;)

I've been spoken to verbally, but more often then nought my heart is quickened by what I believe to be His presense.

It is not words perse' but it becomes clear to me His will.

God Bless

rrbj said...

God speaks to me everyday ! Why I know that ? Because I look at the suroundings in my life and see and know that HE supplies my every need for that day and for each day I'm truly grateful ? Blessings to you ! Ron.

Patchouli said...

Dreams and things--I believe He is always communicating with us--we need to hear Him--

and sometimes in the word verification letters when I comment...

Milly said...

I did a spit take then I noticed the words go shopping for food.
((((wow)))) What does that mean?
Does it have something to do with the need for food in the house?

harland said...

Through the Holy Bible and a
good conscience.