Monday, January 15, 2007

I made soup

It’s cold and the ice has kept most inside. It’s a habit when the weather turns bad I make soup. My mother made vegetable beef soup and so do I.

It’s a habit just like sin and it taste good just like sin and it fills us up just like sin and once you’ve had my soup you want it again just like sin.

Sin makes it difficult to walk to the water. Sin makes it difficult to put our feet in that water. Sin makes us fear going under the water.



We have now washed our sins away. No sins! Wow how great I have no sin and I will never sin again. Well that isn’t how Milly felt, Milly felt that she was going to sin and mess it up. Milly felt that God was going to hate how she sinned. Milly felt that the world would know she was a big sinner and she’d never make it to Heaven.

Milly studied and talked to God, we went for long drives and walks she explained how she smoked and stuff and that she was a big sinner. God told her He knew and that he always thought of her as a child in need of a lot of guidance. If anyone could give Him a grey hair it was Milly. I explained how I wanted to live a better life but I was afraid. He explained that He would be with me and that I had a lot to learn. He also told me I was going to hit a few dead ends and stumble and sometimes fall.

I sat in church next to Rod and my sister and when they called for those in need of prayer I went forward and was baptized and I sinned again and again and again. He has forgiven me again and again and again.

I met my husband shortly after that and God kept His promise I’ve had a lot in my life. I still sin I suppose I always will, just as on a cold day I make soup.


Laymond said...

You said; once you’ve had my soup you want it again just like sin.

ummm does look good; you temptress you!

Kansas Bob said...

Sweet retelling Milly. Thought of you and my parents in the faith this morning (they live in Edmond) when I saw the news story about the ice in OK. Things are better today in KS, but it is cold - zero degrees minus two. Stay warm. Eat soup!

Missy said...

You know the devil can be pretty clever when using our sin against us - whether we are deceived in believing we are not a sinner or whether we are all too aware that we are.

I love hearing about your conversations with God and the truth he gives you.