Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just talking

While thinking of what to post next I surfed over to a medical diagnosis site. Not really in need of one but I was playing around and clicked on some and I just want to say I’m afraid now. Yiks! . . . and thank God I don’t have those things or get them or think I ever will. I do need an arthritis check because I’ve dance around that one for several years now and when he gave me meds for it I refused to keep taking it. I don’t like the pills every day. I have two bottles of cholesterol stuff yet to be taken. I think it’s a conspiracy to stick it to us Southerners from ya Yankees. We like our fried stuff and ya’ll know it.


It’s funny I wasn’t feeling very inspired today. Oklahoma awaits bad weather and we have a damp cold blowing in so my left hand hurts and I felt like sleeping that is until I called my friend about her little one. Thank God she’s doing well. We talked for a while about kids and she asked about church, it’s a small community at times and folks are talking about us, I told her that I believe that God has us in the sand at this time. She assured me that it was a good thing and her church, once called a "dead church" is thriving. I think that what ever His plan for us it will be a good thing. We will go through heart aches as changes happen but He will always keep the lamps lit.

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