Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The question on my mind today is:

How do you talk to God?

I talk to Him as if He is my Father and a friend. I sometimes think that not everyone is as informal as I am. So . . . .

How Do You Talk To God?


Missy said...

Milly, this one is tough for me. I continuously try to talk more informally to God. I mean, he knows everything about me, so why shouldn't I?

But it's hard to let go of some of my baggage. I speculate prayer is tough for me cause I grew up in an atheist home with a Dad who I was always in awe of - but never quite knew well. I talk to God in much the same way I talk to my Dad - full of admiration and gratitude, but not enough substance.

Milly said...


I think that hits the nail on the head for a lot of us when it comes to substance. We all have the moments of being selfish little kids. That’s what makes us human. Thankfully He is patient.

byevad said...

Ooooo, great question!

I think a lot of it depends on my mood, where I'm at spiritually, and how in touch with my sin I am at the moment.

There are times that I have yelled out loud at God in anger. There are times that I have questioned him and put him to the test. There are times that he has been "Lord God" with all the awe and respect due to him. There are times that he has been "Father" to me. There are times that he has been "Daddy" in my prayers.

I suppose it runs the gamut. Pretty much like my days and my faith... :-)

Milly said...

Thank you so much. It was so honest and so well told.

I find myself apprehensive at times also as if it isn’t worthy, yet all is.

byevad said...

Milly, I can feel that way too... but my apprehension can come from a "What difference will it make? Who am I to sway God's thoughts? He's gonna do what He's gonna do."

I guess apathetic probably is a better term here than apprehensive... :-)

Danny Kaye said...

I am with byevad. It depends on where I am at spiritually.

I do find myself praying more openly to God when I am willing to deal with my sinful wretchedness. If I am in that spot, I am blatently open with God about the deepest darkest of thoughts in my head and heart. I give the Holy Spirit free reign of my heart, and together we are able to dig out the stuff that needs to be gotten rid of.

Of course, I am not always in that spot, and so this does not happen all the time. Usually, I am in a spot far less spiritually strong than that. :(

I do find that, no matter when I pray or how well I am doing at the time, I spend a lot of time thanking God for stuff. That comes easiest to me. Don't know why. Could be because my motto is "humilty through gratitude."

jettybetty said...

Mostly I am with you--like a Father and a friend--someone who really loves me and I know I could go to any time!

Kansas Bob said...

I am also with byevad. It depends on where my heart is. Lately my heart has been sad because of family health issues. I spent an hour this morning venting.

The main thing with prayer is connecting with your heart and saying the things that you may be afraid to say. Pray is a great way to get in tune with what is going on inside of you.

A few days ago I was thinking this thought "I am a realist" ... I was surprised when a thought came back and asked "Which reality?". Blew me away. Sometimes I forgot that God is always there and can join the conversation in my head even when He is not invited :)

Karen said...

I've nothing helpful to say, except that baby's expression is SOOO cute!!