Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Prayers & Praise

Doug gave us great news.
Just a quick update, my youngest daughter is doing great. She will need a little occupational therapy, and possibly communication therapy.
Let's keep her in our prayers.

Kansas Bob and loving wife need our prayers. They need strength and God's comfort.
Prayer Request for KB & KA: KA has experienced a MS relapse and in a wheel chair as of today. KB is playing nurse, so pray grace on each of us

Those of you who need prayers are more then welcome to add them. For those who don’t want to post them that’s fine, we will still lift you up God knows what you need.
The first post I wrote was on gossip. Don’t try to find it I trashed it shortly after writing the thing. I found that in my writing I was projecting anger and a bit of gossip. I was angry with some women for their actions and blogging. The cool thing is that in this furry I was led here.

I received a phone call from a friend telling me that she and her husband had been attacked on the two women’s blogs. I read what was written and kept checking once in a while to see if they were going to continue to trash those folks and our church. Unfortunately they did. Fortunately one brought up the Thinklings. I like what they were doing over there and after a while of lurking about I commended and met Codepoke then Danny and you folks.

Gossip is a bad thing and some justify it by saying it’s the truth so it’s fine. Look if we are talking behind someone’s back then we are wrong. The question that I ask myself is this "Would you say that to their face?" If the answer is no then don’t say it behind their back.

Today was a positive day. I spoke to one of my bosses about how easy it is to get sucked into negative thoughts and speech he agreed. I sang I’ve got a new attitude to him. Hmmm wonder why he left so quickly?
Thank you God for sending those folks to me today they were great! Thank you for the Christian man who makes me smile every time I talk to him.
Thank you for the little one who talked to me about the birds and bunnies she was a doll!
God you know how to send me a positive day.
Please feel free to add praises and prayers. Know this that God knows you and as we sit in front of our computers He knows what we need. I’m praying for all of you that stopped by for a visit even if you didn’t say you needed a prayer.

Lord we lift our sorrows up to you. You know the tangled messes we get ourselves into. You know our weaknesses our addictions. Some of us feel so far from you, we’re not you never walk away from us. Lord thank you for the blessings, the praises, the moments of joy that you give us.

You know who we are and what we need.
Thank you Lord!


pearlie said...

Lord we lift our sorrows up to you. You know the tangled messes we get ourselves into. You know our weaknesses our addictions

Thanks Milly for your prayers. Oh how we need the Lord.

Karen said...


laymond said...

Milly- when I pray I most usually ask things for others, because when I look at my grandchildren I realize I am already blessed. but we can all use your prayers. May God Bless.

Milly said...

You are blessed and we can all use each other's prayers