Monday, January 08, 2007

Desk cleaning time

I have a cut back in hours at work due to the fact that at this time of year you folks don’t do much around the house. Oklahoma has been rather warm this winter and you have kept me moving a bit at work.

Anywho I decided to clean my desk off a bit I have found several post from CP that I had to copy and read along they way. Art work from Miss Littles and my son's work scattered about. I also found a magazine clipping from way back I must have liked some of what was in it. Now I’ll share.


What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
-Richard Bach

There are two ways of spreading light: To be a candle or the mirror that reflects it.
-Edith Wharton

Forgiveness is the fragrance that violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
-Mark Twain

I found photographs from my car wreck. It still gets to me at times. A friend use to tell me that my angel sits on my shoulder when I drive. I’d like to think it does. On the day of the wreck God was with me, as always. The short of it is that I didn’t listen to that little voice whispering in my ear. I know some of you are thinking "Big mistake" while others are thinking "I should listen to that voice" I had two little girls in the back seat and a friend riding shot gun as we drove to the leather warehouse. I loved working with leather with the scouts and we were looking for a new project.

The intersection is a dangerous one and I never speed plus I always look at the lights very carefully. So when the streak of silver flew in front of me I was shocked. I hit the brakes. It was too late my bumper was gone. Thank God it was just my bumper because he failed to break until he was a good distance away from me. I think he considered driving on. He never hit the brakes until he stopped, that means had he hit my car broadside, he was speeding, I’d be writing about the death of at least two of the people in my car. My friend and my daughter’s little friend. Three police officers have told me that someone would have died.

God slowed us down so that we weren’t further in by sending a truck to follow me too closely in the neighborhood, that makes me go a bit slower.

Will I always listen to that voice? Sure I listen but I am still His child and I still act like a disobedient child. I picture Him at times shaking His head at me and thinking "Someday she’ll be a grownup living here with me and then I won’t have to see her make those mistakes. I said NO! Don’t do that, put that down Milly! Right now! . . . Didn’t like it did you? I told you. Come here I’ll make it better."

Ok so He has to yell at me once in a while, but He loves me and always makes it better.

Back to the big pile of stuff to my right.


Maeghan said...

Wow.. I thank God for his protection.

And I thank God for every moment that he has so graciously given us - and His steadfast love which we so undeservingly receive.

salguod said...

"I said NO! Don’t do that, put that down Milly! Right now! . . . Didn’t like it did you? I told you. Come here I’ll make it better.

I love that picture of our Father. Neat, thanks.

Dee said...

I really do think that God watches over us much more then we give him credit for. He is good to us.

Milly said...

Welcome Dee!
My husband is from PA