Monday, January 29, 2007


Have you ever felt that you’re wearing a mask and at any time some how it will be pulled off? Then they will know.
I have.

God knows exactly who I am.
But you don’t
I’m not who I seem to be and neither are you
I try to be someone at work
sometimes I fail
I try to be a good wife for him
sometimes I fail
and a good mother for them
some times I fail
I want to be a good friend
sometimes I fail
I’m not who I seem to be and neither are you
God knows exactly who were are
sometimes we fail
He never does.


byevad said...

Milly, so true, so true.

I'm just glad that the one who has all the power is the one who does not fail.

I'm also glad that those who think they have all the power don't really have any... because they fail.

(Disclaimer: I put myself in the category of those who think they've got some power...)

pearlie said...

Sometimes I don't even know who I am and sometimes I fail.

Missy said...

if you replace "sometimes" with "usually" i'm right there with you, sista!

Kansas Bob said...

Beautiful poem. Magnificent ending!

laymond said...

No mask here; what you see is what you get :)

read my post on terrorest, brought about by grandson asking "Papa why did they blow up that kid'd backpack"?

Patchouli said...

You are amazing, Milly.

harland said...

Oh, so true. U r Amazing