Thursday, January 04, 2007

To sleep perchance to get some sleep and other stuff this week

I haven’t had the opportunity to dream a lot this week due to the fact that I was dealing with a three day headache, a husband who snores and now has a bit of a cold, and a little who is up at night because she can’t fall back to sleep. This wouldn’t be a huge thing if I didn’t have to be up a 4:30 am for work when I work and up at 6:30 am when I don’t to get my son off to school. I end up sleeping too late when I don’t have to be somewhere and my day is shot.

Last night was the last straw I ended up on the sofa and my daughter ended up in my bed. I did go to move her at about four because I knew my 6:30 alarm was going to go off and wake my husband up. Now really that shouldn’t have bothered me at all because he knew I was on the sofa, Miss Little woke him up, he sent her to the sofa, got out of bed looking for me, I sent her to the bed and attempted to sleep.

Now if you’re reading this and saying stuff like I use to read in Ann Landsomethingers about how blessed I am to have a man to sleep next to and how you would take one more night of that noise. . . well. . . sorry, I want it to stop and I will say this I make quite a bit of noise myself and he’d like for it to stop. Heck one of my friends has lost part of her hearing from her husband’s snoring. I’m just about to loose my sanity.

I do have to say that life has been on the glam side for Milly lately. That’s right the dog threw up earlier. Now that’s a Hollywood moment!

My daughter is about to turn seven. That is so huge for her.

She’s an unusual child at times.

She has a new night gown and we call her a snow princess in it.
Me "Snow princess did you bring your laundry down?"
Miss Littles "What is this laundry you speak of?"
Me "The stuff you wore earlier"
Miss Littles "I only wear this I am the Snow Princess"
Me " The dress you wore home from the pool"
Miss Litlles "I know not of what you speak of"
Yep I brought the laundry down that night.

. . .and last night I was a bit thrown by what she said when my sister talked about having a nightmare.

Miss Littles "You know how big dragons eat little dragons head first"
Me "Umm no but ok"
Miss Littles "Well this big dragon was eating the little one feet first and guts and a mess were getting everywhere and I ."
Me interrupting "I think it’s time for class"

Now that you are most likely passing a huge amount of judgement on my parenting skills I have to tell you that I stopped reading the Narnia books to her when they became a bit too much and we never watch or read Harry Potter. Where did that come from? I searched my brain, I talked with a friend about what she said, she thought it was funny. It finally dawned on me. . .video games she has been playing those darn things with her brother. Hey now. . . we don’t allow icky stuff in the house and my son won’t play it. He’s very picky about the games he plays and protective of her. The boy turns the sound off if they say stuff he doesn’t like. My guess is in the games the dragon most likely eats the little one head first with a gulp, no mess and the little one is back in the game lickety split. She has a great imagination.

Look I have to sleep so that’s what I think is going on.

Twice I have seen God at work at the pool once with Miss Little, the instructor she had looks everywhere but at the kids at times I though "Milly you’re over reacting". My husband joined us one night and watched, he agreed. The instructor had her swim from one side to the other she turned her head looking at something when my baby girl began to struggle, she was able to level off and continued to push herself, the instructor still wasn’t watching and wasn’t very close. When Miss Little went under we both jumped up. Thankful that another student about her age pulled her up. My husband went out to the deck to speak to the supervisor. From then on the girl went from watching them to us. I moved her to a different class.

As I was checking her in and the deck supervisor and I chatted a loud BANG came from the window behind me. I turned to see a man hitting the glass hard enough to cause it to bow and heard the deck supervisor yell "Hey!" as she ran to a little one face down in the water. He was only a few inches away from several adults one was the girl who looks everywhere but where she should. It wasn’t her class and the little one wasn’t suppose to be in the water at that time. He didn’t even know something was wrong when they lifted him out.

Thank God for watchful eyes and arms to lift us out of the water


Paula Harrington said...

You crack me up!

Have a great day...tomorrow :)

Milly said...

Welcome Paula!

byevad said...

Milly, how true, how true. I shudder to think what my life would be like (if I'd even still be alive!) if God did not have such loving, watchful eyes. He is a Dad full of such grace and wisdom!

As far as the snoring goes, I've got two words: sleep study and CPAP... (Okay, that was more like 4 words!) My wife can sleep much better now that she's not sleeping next to a freight train!

Karen said...

I'm with you on the snorage, Milly! My spouse scares the dog.

codepoke said...

I guess I've never been around real snoring. All the snoring I have ever heard just puts me to sleep. It's like a drug. As soon as I hear someone snoring, I'm gone. But then, I've never been around someone who would give me hearing loss.

Your daughter stuff is really heartbreaking. Not that anything unusual is happening with her, but that you seem to be down on yourself about it. Bad, Milly! You're only in trouble for being in trouble. :-)

I wish I could tell you some of the ***wierd*** stuff my kids came up with on their own. BELIEVE me, they don't come up with these things from any living being. They have a dream and believe it, or some such.

Milly's a great mom. Go easy on her.

Milly said...

I'll tape it for ya, then if you need to fall asleep quickly you'd have us. ;-}

I'm not down on myself over her imagination just thought Yiks! Her dad doesn’t know where she got it from. It’s so funny that she is another person in that night gown. I love her spirit, I didn’t have it at her age, I did have big time fears like spiders. I still remember a bad dream I had in Kindergarten.

Thanks for caring bro.