Friday, September 29, 2006

You get the line I’ll get the pole

Here is something you don’t know about me

I am an Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Aquatic Education Instructor.

That’s right.

I am.

. . . And so you know it's wabbet season October 1st

What is it that we don’t know about you?

Come on tell us about your hidden talents.


codepoke said...

I may already have mentioned that one of my favorite ways to relax while driving is to play the harmonica.

I had to give up the chromatic, because it takes two hands, and everyone wierds out if you don't at least look like you have one hand on the wheel. Whatever. But, I found out that the normal ol' harmonica plays most of the songs.

It's just fun.

The harmonica is cool because you can play it every bit as good while crying. It let's you play the really worthwhile songs.

codepoke said...

Oh - and ODWCAE? Really?

Sure sounds intimidating. You teach people not to kill the things swimming in the criks?

And do you read Locusts and Honey? John does rabbit blogging every weekend. Here's the story I told out there about my family's last rabbit.

My family's last rabbit decided that the natural gas line running to the stove would be a good thing to chew through.

No kidding.

He chewed through it, and it flash-burnt the hair off his cute, little bunny head. You cannot imagine how sorry I never felt for him. Blowtorch blew itself out, thank you Lord, and merely proceeded to fill the house with natural gas. My daughter came home and was almost knocked off her feet when she opened the door.

Fortunately, the neighbor was home, and he handled the situation until I could get there.

So, what am I doing about zombies? Sending them rabbits.

Milly said...

I love the harmonica! That sir is the most rock’n instrument out. I've tried to play it, it's fun.

Yes really I can teach you how to fish and take care of the environment.

I had a pet rabbit named Thumper it was rather large and loved bananas. I would lean over and ask for a kiss and he would kiss me. He also grunted at times. If he didn’t know you he would sit very still and wait for you to come up to him then he’d pounce at you. The widdle bunny frightened the big old A & P mechanics.
Rabbits do tend to chew. Were you angry? My husband would have had a stroke.

DugALug said...


I'm gospel/rock/folk/blues guitarist. All we need is a standup-bass and some soft-brush drumset and we are all set. ;)

God Bless

Milly said...

That would be so cool.

Milly said...

I played the flute in HS

Karen said...

Milly...I never knew! Kewl!

Sounds like a lotta musicians here, too.

byevad said...

Since music is the theme at this point... I have played: violin (lessons for 5 years), percussion (lessons for 2 years), piano (lessons for 1 year), guitar (self-taught), and sax (lessons for 6 years). My sax was my instrument and I played in the marching band, concert band, jazz band, and a HS "garage" band.

I have a set of bongos that I still play on occasion much to my daughters' delight!

Danny Kaye said...

How is it that I have known byevad for over 10 years and never knew he had musical talent!!? That's just wrong! And it only points to the fact that we need to spend more time together. ;-)

Anyway, I don't have an official instrument to play. But I can rock out on the steering wheel like NOBODY'S business! I even use the keys hanging below the steering column as cymbols.

But aside from that, I have a few useless talents. Like:

-- being able to spot hawks and other birds of prey when no one else sees them (must have been that vollunteer work I did for the Audubon recording the movements of our wintering eagles.)

-- performing DK's more difficult routines

-- I have pretty good control over the different parts of my face. (you know...eyebrows, tongue, ears...etc.)

But nothing that would make me rich or famous, or anything...

Karen said...

I dunno, DK...that facial control thing might work on some reality show...

Milly said...

I haven't played my flute in years so I be hanging out with DK. Hey wait I do sound DK and I will be in the sound booth rock'n out.

Kansas Bob said...

I grew up shooting pool in NYC and still weild a mean cue stick.

byevad said...

Ummm... DK... there's a reason why you haven't heard me play or talk about playing...

I'm much better at imaginary instruments: air guitar, air drums, air keyboards... ya know...

That doesn't preclude your hypothesis that we need to hang out more though!

Kansas Bob, next time you're in NH, bring your cue and stop over at my place. The advantage I have is that I know the tilt of my table! :)