Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That's my boy!

I’m the Momma so shut up and listen to the bragging. My son’s grades came in!

Yes! He scored! His grades were great.

He is in high pressure classes, you slip and you’re out.

He tested at an 11th grade level in the second month of school, the test is based on a national average. He’s in seventh grade and about to turn thirteen.

That’s my boy! He loves to read text books and has such a high moral standard. LOTR is out for him because he didn’t care for some of the things he read. I respect that.

My hopes for him is that he can stay on this path of learning and moral standards yet still have friends. It’s difficult for a guy like him to fit in. Church seems to be the only comfortable social setting he can relax at.

NASA here he comes!


Maeghan said...

From Malaysia, I'll say -- "So clever!" (too bad you can't hear the accent, which is out of the world for these 2 words, LOL)

I have yet to read your post on your hospitalisation. (i'll be back). Glad you are back well and good! God is good.

God bless,

byevad said...

That's great! Something like this must make you proud to be the Momma! Rocket Science, eh? :)

Danny kaye said...

Congratulations to your brainy kid, Milly!

Now you tell that boy that there are a lot of folks out there relying on him to invent something that will help us to make life better. You know...like a coffee scented toilet bowl cleaner, or some such thing as that!


Milly said...

Where would your face be? Heh!

Yes he wants to be a rocket scientist. I want to introduce him to an ex-boyfriend who has done some stuff for NASA.

He has been invited by Duke to take the ACT or SAT in a talent search. I’d like for him to take one so that he knows what’s to come.

God is good and we are blessed

byevad said...

Milly, that's incredible. God has definitely given him an incredible gift, hasn't He?

Danny's suggestion is just silly. But if he wanted to create the technology to let some average shmoe like me take a space ride for $500 round trip (key being the "round trip" part), I'd be first in line! :-)

L.E.Meredith said...

Milly I am glad for you this just proves we are blessed in different ways, when I was in eleventh I tested at seventh think I'm kidden ha :)

DugALug said...


Brag on. Nice pic too!

God Bless