Monday, September 18, 2006


Miss Shadow

How does God see us?

I was thinking about friends that I have, some I may never see face to face until I’m passing the Heavenly fruit salad. I began thinking about how we might think we look and I wondered if it really matters.

I don’t believe that God sees our faces.

He doesn’t see the scars from a childhood of running into tables. He only sees us on the inside. He only sees our souls. When we all get to Heaven Codepoke won’t ask "Where did that scar on you forehead come from?" It simply won’t be there. We won’t check our hair and look at what we are wearing and wonder if we look good enough. Our beauty will shine from God.

No I don’t think God sees our faces.

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codepoke said...

What a lovely thought to be thinkin'. :-)