Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life lesson number one

This is a how to instruction for those who haven’t figured it out. The ability to do this challenging task seems to go away when you marry and comes back when you divorce. I guess your brain can only hold so much like birthdays, names of children, and anniversaries.

First you take the old tub off, now I know it’s a bit difficult to comprehend at first but the thing holding the tube is a spring and all that you need to do is push it in.

You throw the cardboard tub away. In the trash.

Now this is crucial so listen, you get a fresh roll of paper and place it on the spring holder. Then you carefully put it back. I don’t care where the flap is over or under. I just need to know that when I go in and sit down it’s there.

Important step here, you need to change it when it has one fourth of an inch or less left on the roll.

Take the old roll that still has some left and place it in the cabinet, we will use it. Yes we will.

Thank you and remember practice makes perfect.

Here’s a little something to think about while you’re changing the roll
1930: Northern Tissue is declared splinter-free.


DugALug said...


Ummmm, okay, yup, yup, yup... I see where you are going here! Now does the roll go 'over the top' or under the bottom?

What about those big-ol Charmin rolls that don't fit too well? What do you do with them?

God Bless

Andreia said...

My brother used to sing this song called Stranded on the Toilet Bowl.
It is a family standard.You might need to borrow it.

Stranded, stranded on the toilet bowl.
Im stranded, stranded on the toilet bowl.
To proove you're a man
you must wipe with your hand or

Stranded, stranded on the toilet bowl.

Repeat getting louder until someone rescues you with a new roll.

byevad said...

Milly, we have a house that sees lots of visitors. Before company comes over, a representative of our house runs from bathroom to bathroom to check out the TP situation in each. If a roll is less than half full, a spare roll of TP is placed in easy reach in case that particular bathroom sees a lot of traffic.

Oh, we have no cats, so it's definitely 'over the top'!

Milly said...

Doug honey just change the roll, she won't care. She might even give ya a big o kiss.

Milly said...

That's funny. I keep watch at my house so I'm never stranded.

Milly said...

Are you telling me that you can change it yourself? Then if so do you remember important other stuff? Is my hypothesis wrong? Can my husband do that and still remember my birthday? I guess I’ll find out soon he change one the other day and my birthday is coming soon. I put the package in the little potty closet, it was hard to miss.

L.E.Meredith said...

Milly I personally like the flap on top, but that's just me. But I understand the frustration I have Grandkids and I have found the whole roll taking a swim, you know it won't flush decisions,decisions.