Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The change in seasons make me want for

I want for time to go back just for a night

I want a cool fall night, I’ll be with my girl friends and we are cruising main. We’ll turn the radio up and sing to Desperado.

We’re looking for you boys.

Our nights usually went like this Tracy and I would start at her house. She had very little parental supervision, Chris LeDoux playing as we did our hair and dressed. We’d hop into her truck and head for town. First stop the car wash ya had to wash the dirt off the truck, then it was cruise time. We’d drive around so that those who missed us washing the truck saw that we were there. Then we parked and the local QT type place where our friends were. You didn’t do much of anything in that small town and I loved just hanging and out talking. I met a nice guy one night, he still remains in my heart. Topeka Kansas is a long way for love. It was a fun time in my life.

College took that away. I remember going to town alone one weekend to find new faces where ours were and those who remained seemed some how out of place.

I long to drive around listening to Bob Seger having nowhere to be.
My husband jokes about the girls and I doing this now "You’ll cruise the Walgreens now" It makes me laugh, it’s true. Two of us when he said that giggled then started a list.

The fall reminds me of bonfires at the lake and at the battle sites. We would bring food and friends, what wasn’t eaten at the end of the night became a weapon for a food fight. Marshmallows can hurt.

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Andreia said...

Bonfires should be a mandatory part of adulthood! That is what I like about Scouts really, is the campouts and campfires!