Thursday, September 21, 2006

My post on "Pain Killers"

I haven’t really liked this one much. The side effects are a bit overwhelming at times. Last night I hit the wall with them. For one as I was getting into bed a balloon with Eeyore on it freaked me out for a second. It was a brief moment but still my heart was pounding. Note it was very close to my bed in the dark and is mylar. I looked so different. Once I truly feel asleep I was out.

Now you should know that these little pills also cause vivid dreams as posted below I didn’t give all the details or add every feeling that was there in my dream I felt it all.

I suddenly woke this morning, I knew I had been snoring because my throat was very dry. My stomach was killing me, yet another side affect. I tried to take a drink then go back to sleep. It didn’t work.. I had to move around.

I found myself in the kitchen refilling my water bottle hating being awake. I made my way back to bed. We’ve all had those nights of feeling every thing, you know the way the sheet is messed up at the bottom, the way that the person next to you breaths, every movement seems to be amplified. I resolved myself to being awake so at about 3am something I worked on my blog. I read a few others and was able to settle down a bit by 4 am.

I’m tired and sore today I’ve had some odd dreams and some good ones. I’ve tipped over twice once in the bathroom thank goodness the walls were close and I was sitting down, the other time I was sitting on the bed I tipped sideways so I was fine. Forwards might not have made me laugh. SPLAT!

I’ll not be wanting to remain on this drug for long. It’s addictive, not that anyone would give me more. Here’s a quandary I’ve hit the wall I need something new to do. I need to get out! My husband is in the middle of a project at church and heads there once he takes the kids to school. I’m alone with my dog. She has no real hobby, barking, biting people, sleeping. How do people do this? Back to my quandary for tonight I’m in pain and need a pill. I’m a wreck. The house needs to be cleaned, I can’t do it. Laundry got done today! Yea! I cooked dinner and climbed a step ladder and lifted something heavier than I should have.

The bright spots to my day are my children, and my sister. She sat next to me looked at my sock monkey PJ bottoms and asked how many days I’ve been in them. We both laughed. I’ve been washing them, honest. I take showers, brush my teeth, and put on clean apparel. Deodorant was forgotten today. Now aren’t you glad you didn’t stop by to see me?

I think I need a good cry though. I’ve earned it.
. . . .and from the way I smell right now a shower.
I’m going to take a shower cry and talk to God then take my happy pills and I hope sleep.

How was your day?

A sign seen on a restroom dryer at O'Hare Field in Chicago:
Do not activate with wet hands.
(I haven't taken the pills yet. That is funny. . . right? )


codepoke said...

Milly delivers on the much requested Pain-Killer post. :-)

Some of it is hilarious,
Forwards might not have made me laugh.
But us?

She has no real hobby, barking, biting people, sleeping.
THAT's an issue!

I’ve been washing them, honest.
See, now that's the real benefit of being a guy. We say the exact same sentence, but we mean that we have washed them within 2006.

(I haven't taken the pills yet. That is funny. . . right? )
HaHaHa! Yes, the joke was funny, but the question is laugh-out-loud funny. :-D

... but most of the post is really painful to read (because it is so well written.)

Sorry, Milly.

May the Lord speed your recovery.

Milly said...

She has no real hobby, barking, biting people, sleeping.

THAT's an issue!
Yes her barking must be dealt with.

It's actually not funny, she bites. I've seen her do it. She allows only the people she loves in the house and no one else. We’re very protected.

Milly said...

When we come to visit Andriea is redoing your pantry and I'm tackling your laundry. Come on dudes do laundry right? My husband does he was trained by his mother. I thank her for that one.

Funny story when we were dating we did our laundry together one day I went to let the wash out of the dryer when I noticed my good underwear was missing. (I had noticed the apartment house keeper quickly leaving) I went back to his apartment with the my underwear is missing story. “No way” was his response. I never found it she took my underwear WHO DOES THAT?!!!!

L.E.Meredith said...

Milly glad to see you on the road to recovery. I have been reading this fellow's blog for a while now thought you might like it.

Andreia said...

What happened? I snooze a bit and then come back to find you on pain medication? and you put links on your blog? Did it make more sense when you were on the meds? I hope you are fully recouped.

Now, about that pantry....I wont touch a man's pantry for nothin'...I got too many of my own that need help. I can supervise though : )

Milly said...

Your going into that pantry missy. If I’m doing man laundry you can move cans.

I had surgery. A week ago. All came out well. I was very pleased with the news that I kept some stuff and they fixed stuff and nothing looked diseased. I had a hernia of sorts.

The pain killer is interesting at times. Not a lot of pain. I can feel it today but I still want an outing. I get to spend 6 weeks at home.

Oddly the computer makes more sense when I’m doped up and it’s past 2 am. Hmmm another theory about programers. They are on something when they come up with this stuff.

We’ve been worried about you. Glad you’re back.

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer to ...

"Hmmm another theory about programers. They are on something when they come up with this stuff."

... Red Bull :)

Blessings for a quick(er) recovery Milly!


Andreia said...

Well, I am glad you are alive and kickin'