Monday, September 25, 2006

Let's play

I was sitting here about to post on an adventure a friend and I had several years ago when she called to check on me. (freaky) We want to take the kids bowling I have free passes so that makes it better. She and I aren’t able to bowl but we can cheer and jabber on. She had the same kind of surgery so she gave me good sound advice and support. Anywho I reread my little story and realized it wasn’t that interesting. Who wants to read about two women in Dallas almost missing the last flight out and so on?

I decided we need some fun so instead of words and saying we hate to hear we should go for ones we like.

I like vellum-it’s fun to say
Sock Monkey
Really? Are you going there? -Love saying that one to the husband when he’s picking a fight.
Come on join in, the cool kids are doing it
I need to add two more
Don’t eat it. Like when someone yells "Mom I found a bug!" I yell back "Don’t eat it!"
Silly Ba Nilly


DugALug said...

Okay here are my favorites:

"Well, there you go!" -> a catch-all when you've got nothing to say. It makes me chuckle inside.

"Ah!", depending on tone and hand gesture, this can mean anything from pick me up, or, I'm hugnry, to I'm poopalicious for my one year old. It has become an inside joke with my wife and I.

"Amen" -> Okay, this is the greatest work in English. It should be used a lot more.

God Bless

byevad said...

Hmmm... I love words!

My all time favorite:

I just LOVE the sound of that word!

Danny Kaye said...

I like:

Toy (For some reason when Baby Bop says it it just sounds fun...OH STOP LAUGHING!!!)

Wench (Don't ask me why. I just like the sound. But I don't use it very much.)

Laughter (In a wierd way, if we spelled it like ""laffter" I don't think I would like it as much as I do.)

I am sure I will think of others.

codepoke said...

Seriously, I have been thinking about posting on my favorite word. The one word I love to hear most, and try to use most is, "Yes."

I think that with that one word, we could change the church.

Milly said...
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L.E.Meredith said...

supercalifragilisticexpialidocios, Mary poppins and I use it every chance we have, Hey this is my first chance now I have used my whole list of words where they really make scence.