Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I was alone, dressed in a red dress, in a large round room the floors were wood and perfect

I was unable to make out the walls, at times they seemed to be covered in heavy chocolate colored drapes and others with shelves of books, all from floor to ceiling.

I stood alone as if I knew, yet confused
As I waited for what was to come

I felt a presence. It frightened me yet calmed me.

I wanted to feel his arms around me I wanted to sink into him to feel his heart beat against my skin

It seemed an eternity for me to wait

Suddenly he was there he wrapped one arm around my waist then took my other hand in his holding my arm out as if to do an exotic dance then he tenderly took my hand to his heart.

I wanted to speak I wanted to ask are we to dance? I could not speak one word
He held me, we stood motionless for so very long. The room seemed to be moving yet we were so very still.

I could feel his eyes yet not see them I could feel his smile yet not see it. I felt the presence of his face yet I saw nothing.

I began to question his existence in my mind was it a dream?
Without warning he turned me grandly away as if he were a ballroom dancer

I stood so far away now yet so near

I waited for him to come to me

He didn’t

I put my hand out for him

He didn’t move

I waited then withdrew my hand

I felt hurt to be so rejected

I crossed my arms and began to cry like a child

He seemed not to care

The anger, pain, and hurt came with my tears

He put his hands in his pockets and looked at me.

A compromise, I thought, I take a step then you take a step

I took a step, he moved not one inch

I stood stunned

I reached for him as I cried harder

He took my hand in his hand

He put his other hand on my tear soaked face

I knew that I had to dance with him


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codepoke said...

Wow, Milly. That's huge.