Saturday, September 02, 2006

We are formed by His hands

I don’t know where we are before we are here but I do believe we are somewhere.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

My daughter has talked about my mother and how she knew her before she came here how she rocked her. I’d like to think it so and not just overhearing us talk about how Mama loved rocking babies and how Miss Littles likes to be rocked.

I love pottery I have a few pieces one is from Crete it was given to me by my well traveled sister. Two are tourist pieces from New Mexico one I chose, my mom the other
Three are from a local artist two have lizards made of the clay in them the other was a pot that I had to have because it reminded me of my great aunt and her molasses cookies. She was known for them. I believe she had no recipe I wish she had taught me how to make them.

Each piece is different formed in different shapes painted and glazed differently. Imperfections and chips.

I had a conversation of sorts with a friend about who we are and where we are because of what we were. God puts us where we need to be. I don’t believe he ever wants us to suffer He knows we must in order to become a beautiful vessel.

How could we hold His word so dear to us if we weren’t shaped?

When you set it spinning you must put you hands around it. Gently yet firm as God does with us.

Your fingers make patterns each one unique to who you are because no one has your touch.

When you are finished forming the vessel you are ready to dry, you must find patience and wait.
Glazing even when using the same color we they are all different because each vessel different.
We wait again.

Then we come to the hardest step for the creation. Not all make it some will be cracked beyond repair. All will show how the treatment of the clay changed the lump before it found heat.
When it’s finished it’s misshapen, it has imperfections from the artist’s hands, it might have a crack from the heat. Tiny little scars and rough edges make each one unique. If it holds what God has put in it then it is the most beautiful vessel ever created.

We’ve had bumps and bruises, broken hearts and blunders. We’ve been damaged and yet we hold His word.

We are His beautiful creations.

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Laymond said...

Milly Beautiful words and thought. I will be checking in on your work.I hope you continue where I left off. May God Bless you and yours. Laymond Meredith