Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Be Happy Today

Thursday promises to be a long day. So I just need an inspirational post.

We all face long trying moments in our lives some are harder than others.

We own ours it’s our moment and no one can change that but God.

So on this day I wish for you to find peace and hold fast to those things that get you through the moment.


Kansas Bob said...

Asking Jesus to shine on your Thursday.

Blessings to you Milly!


Milly said...

I love that song.:-]

codepoke said...

Lord be with you, Milly.

Milly said...

Thanks for the inspiration we all need it at times.

Everything went well. I warned the guy with the needle that my veins hide and roll. He frowned and said not another one. Gee, I thought, now that’s not comforting we checked both arms I pointed to two veins and he wasn’t pleased with the one he had to take. It hurts more. I was happy to be warned but I knew that I give blood when I can. We settled in and he told me about his kids and his dog. When the last tube wasn’t filling I wasn’t surprised, it happens. He adjusted the needle making a face with every move as if it hurt him. I have a high pain threshold so it wasn’t too bad. He prayed that he could get it working then yelled for back up. I told him he was welcome to go for a new vein. They switched the tubs he rooted a bit and I was good to go. I’ve been poked, x-rayed, had an EKG, my blood pressure taken, my temp, signed a million papers, and warned that I could die, be disoriented when I wake up, and or throw up.

Now I wait.

Milly said...

. . .and also with you, Cowboy.

Karen said...

I don't know what you're going through, Milly...just found you a short time ago!
But, I'm praying for peace and comfort for you.

L.E.Meredith said...

May God bless

byevad said...


I'm glad to hear everything came out ok for the labs part of your ordeal. When I went in for surgery a year and a half ago, I remember all those warnings as well. I wrote them off as "they gotta tell me this to cover themselves in case something goes wrong." But I was convinced I was in someone's hands more powerful than the surgical staff.

My wife could relate better to your blood draw problems. I was once told by a Red Cross nurse that I should put "excellent bleeder" on my resume! I guess I've got good veins.

Remember: you are loved and prayed for!