Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thank you

I was looking back at some of the nice things that you folks have written to me this morning because I want to take nice words with me so I’m putting together a journal. I’ll be able to write nurses names, phone calls, such so that I can send thank you notes.

I want to say thank you now and let you know that I will miss reading everyone’s thoughts. Don’t worry I’ll catch up. I’ll also be on pain killers.

Hmmm Milly might need to hold her opinions for a while. ;-}


byevad said...


You are being thought of and prayed for (as are the doctors and nurses taking care of you). I look forward to your speedy recovery and return.

You'll have some catching up to do on the Coffee thread!

Karen said...

You're a sweetie. I'm praying for you for recovery that is quick.
I'd love it if you'd blog on pain killers! ;-)

codepoke said...


Hmmm Milly might need to hold her opinions for a while. ;-}



Not seeing it. I think Karen's on to something. :-D

Milly said...

Funny me blog “on” pain killers or on “pain killers”
My husband still laughs about walking into the room of women (My family) and asking for something for a headache. Suddenly a pharmacy appeared from several purses. Hmm valium, the list went on. Do you have Tylenol, anything like that? Yiks!. . . and he married me anyway.

L.E.Meredith said...

May the good LORD bless and keep you untill we meet/blog again.

Danny Kaye said...

I'm with byevad, Mil-gurl. Prayin' and thinkin'.

Here is a prayer that I think will help:
-- May God give wisdom and knowledge to the doctors and nurses who will care for you.

-- May you find peace even when nervousness kicks in.

-- And may those with the scalpel not have had too much of the Brown Brew so they might have steady hands.

And I like Karen's idea. Take them pain killers and then start a-typin'! We'll all have a good laugh.

Milly said...

Thank you all!