Thursday, June 29, 2006

This is a Spinning Jenny

It's a bit like a spinning wheel with several strands. I wasn't very good when invented. You should look it up. It has an interesting story behind it. Well, I thought so. There was a fear of change, loss of jobs, this whole drama thing attached to it. Interesting.

James Hargreaves

The Cotton Times has some information


codepoke said...

Well, that would explain why it stumped me!

I have used a spinning wheel and a loom - rigid and soft heddle both, but I still don't know exactly what this monstrosity does. :-)

Very cool.

Milly said...
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Danny Kaye said...

Congratulations, Milly!
This post helped you win the very first "Nothing Important Award"!!!

I have made an official post about it at my site.