Monday, June 05, 2006

Arrivederci Friend

I receive a call right before I was to clock in at work Sunday afternoon. The fact is that as we get older people die. The news that our dear friend was dead shocked me. My mother and her were friends from, I believe high school, could be earlier.

To describe this lovely person in a few words seems impossible.

She knew hospitality. You were welcomed in to her home and instantly excepted. A friend doesn’t just love you she loves your husband, children, and grand children. She is delighted at your every achievement and brags about you to others.

She wasn’t just smart she was brilliant. The was nothing she couldn’t do if she set her mind to it. She decided to become a DJ then began working for the sheriff’s department, these were in her later years. Her husband has the same gumption he can fix any car. They tiled the living room floor because fixing the engines in the living room stained the carpet.

She was fun and interesting. I will always remember her way of enjoying life.

They could have easily lived different life style they chose to be happy in a small house in a small town. With lots of stray cats to love.

Comfort is knowing that she’s with mom and our Lord now.

I pray for peace for her husband and daughter.

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