Wednesday, June 28, 2006

God Blessed Us

As I began to look at the wonderful women of our Bible I realized I just don’t have the space to tell of each ones story, to show how women were viewed

Anna, Deborah, A Woman of Faith, Naomi, Ruth, Mary, Lydia . . . .

We were given such a rich history of how to view women, how to be women, and how not to be.

God did that, he gave us the rights, we as humans took them away. We were leaders, lovers, followers, submissive, and held in the highest regard by our husbands. We are blessed to be the mother of . . .and the wife of.. . .We are blessed by our faith. We are blessed by childbirth and our children. God created us to be strong and gental. He gave us our own special ways and our own bodies. I have stretch marks from my children and lines from my smile. Women have amazing bodies we can do things men can’t. What a blessing.

He has given us strength to fight for what is ours. I feel blessed by those women who went before me for they were truly the visionaries ready to go where God led them.

We as women need to learn how to love each other we need to stop being so quick to judge. We need to see that it is ourselves that we must reconcile with, for until we are happy with who we are we cannot be happy. God put us on a path no matter if it means homemaker, teacher, wife, student, firefighter, . . . He still loves us equally.

Women let’s rejoice in who we came from and who we are!

I should have put a few examples on here. I will add if you will. The floor is open. Lets run with it.


Andreia said...

Come on Milly! Take em on one at a time and write about each of them! We want to hear it.

Milly said...

I have been working on women of the Bible. It's a lot of women. There are more women then men. I do open it up for those who would love to put their favs on here.

Maeghan said...

My favourite women in the bible include Ruth, Esther and the Mary at the feet of Jesus. I'd include Martha, coz I am just like her, busying so much sometimes, I don't sit down and listen to the voice of God.

Speaking about women in the bible reminds me of Proverbs 31, knowing I could not possible live up to the requirements!

Patchouli said...

An excerpt from response to R>C> Sproul, Jr.: "Which biblical woman does he want me to be? Would it be Deborah of the Old Testament, who was a judge in Israel and led an army to conquer a nation (Holy Bible, Judg. 3:4-14)? Or the nameless Woman Patriot of Thebez who saved the city when she dropped a millstone on the head of the advancing general? (It is worth mentioning that as he lay dying, this general begged his armor bearer to kill him with a sword so that his death would not be attributed to a woman. Yet, his death by a woman and his cowardly beseeching are recorded in the best selling book of all time. [Holy Bible, Judg. 9:50-54])."

I also really like Jael who took care of Sisera (Judges 4:17-22)

These are brutal examples, but we do what we need to do to protect our families.

Danny Kaye said...

OK...I'm back.
I am going to go with Priscilla to be a definate favorite of the Bible. Many of the other women are certainly wonderful, but Priscilla is the one that captures my attention.

She was instrumental in the conversion of Apollos.

She was a friend to Paul.

She was a worker in the ministry.

But most of all, she is always mentioned along with her husband Aquilla. They were obviously in love with God, each other, and the mission for Christ. Aquilla truly captured a Proverbs 31 woman in Priscilla.

When my wife and I got married, we wanted nothing more than to pattern our marriage after that great and godly couple.

(*Plooblatt* wink-wink)