Saturday, June 24, 2006


I work in a home improvement store so I have no idea what this means. I can't publish the next post until someone tells me what to do. Please computer friends help me

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag:


Milly said...

I pushed a stop showing errors thing and it published. It that good or bad?

Maeghan said...

I am not computer expert myself but what Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag: means is that every tag must have an opening and a closing e.g. for italics < e m > whatever in the middle will be italised < / e m >

Try to check the tags and see what is missing.

codepoke said...

What you did is probably bad, Milly. :-) You want the computer to tell you about the errors. That's the only way you can fix them.

Maeghan is right about the open and close stuff. You can figure it out. Go to the tab that says "Edit HTML", and look for every "less than sign". Those are the beginning of tags. Every tag should be part of a matching pair, and the second part of the pair should have a forward slash in it, just like Maeghan said.

If you figure this out, you will have learned how to italicize your comments when you quote people. :-)

Ellen said...

codepoke, you have to push the same button each time you have an error, so even if you push it once, it'll still pop up each time.

Milly, what I end up doing is going to the html tab and just removing all of the code so that just the post words are left. Then you can start over with the underline, bold, etc.

Maeghan, blogger is kind of weird and font tags are sometimes closed with < / span > instead of the opposite of what you started with. And then if you make corrections to the post, you might wipe out one of the closing tags. It's easier just to start over.

Milly said...


Please teach me how. Again I can help you find the correct wet saw for your project, not program a computer. Here's a giggle I dated a guy who is a big dog with computers. He helped invent something very important in saving our lives. (For those who don’t know you would cut tile with a wet saw, you get a better cut)

Milly said...

Thank you all I'll take the advice.

Maeghan said...

ellen, I only know enough to italicise and bold phrases. yeah, I have no idea how < span > works :) thanks for the tip!

Andreia said...

A few months ago someone sent me It is really good for us novices. Check it out Milly. It might help you.

salguod said...

Think of opening and closing tags like this. Im a word processor if you want to type in italics, you hit that little i button and then type away. Hitting the button is like the opening tag. Everything you type after it is italics. Then, when you're done with italics, you hit that little i button again. That's like the closing tag. Eveything you type after that is normal.

Your browser kinda reads along the text, it finds an opening italics tag - <em> - and it thinks "Oh, From now on I've gotta show italics" and so it does. It keeps going untilit finds a closing italics tag - </em> - and it thinks "Oh, no more italics" and it goes back to normal.

I probably just confused you more. :-P