Friday, June 16, 2006


Tonight we decided to walk off dinner at a near by book store. It smelled so wonderful the aroma of chi tea with a half caff frappucino, mocha lite, double shot espresso with just a hint of book permeated our senses. I was almost run down by an eager six year old with mission in her mind to find the perfect book for tonight.

I followed her as she rushed back to the children’s section. My sister and I read several titles and checked out the newer Toot & Puddle. She read it to me. I was very happy to find a happy ending for them. I won’t spoil it for you. I love children’s books even more so at times then grown up books.

I took the time to walk the isles of the book store while the ladies took a potty break. So many books. Do we need so many books on how to be better people? How to use Word and your computer? We can learn to cook, dance, make taramassu, not be so macho, be more macho, house keeping, weeping, streaking, and beading. You can find books on Norma Desmond, Norma Ray, Ray Charles. They have the psychology of men, women, children, dogs, cats, and ducks. You can fix your mind, hair, home, garden, and the car. It can teach you how to parent, make sock monkeys, and waltz. It would be nice to know how to crochet, catch, and shop wisely. They have books on being in love, loved, and living in love while being in love. They have the classics new releases and book makers so you can keep your place. I pondered between drama and Shakespear It gives me goose bumps, and they have a book for that also. I stopped and looked at the play Our Town. Blessed Be The Ties That Bind plays in my head over the jazz that they pipe into the place. It lulls us into a peaceful state of well book buying and you can purchase it. I loved being Rebecca in Our Town. I stopped to remember the stage, then I moved onto the other titles. Maps of far away places, places I don’t actually want to visit. I passed the political section and will keep it to myself religion and politics are too hard to talk about. I love the poetry and art area. Michelangelo’s work can move me to tears. I love Robert Frost and so many others I love art and poetry. They have books on war and peace. They have War and Peace. They have New Age, witch craft, stage craft, and psychics, they knew I was coming. You can fix it, break it, take it, and know when to dump it. That book would most likely tell me to stop it, so I will.

What did I purchase? I was looking for a specific book and couldn’t find it. I guess I need a book on how to find the book I was looking for. :-}


codepoke said...

Thanks for a fabulous chuckle. I love word play like that.

I was looking for a specific book and couldn’t find it. I guess I need a book on how to find the book I was looking for. :-}

The Perfect Ending!

Maeghan said...

Just take a look at the long list of -for Dummies books, Idiot's Guide to- and we can see we can find a book for anything.

For the fun of it, I tried googling for your "book" and look what I found! LOL

codepoke said...

That's hilarious, Maeghan! Milly will be on Amazon tonight!