Monday, June 26, 2006

Computer HUH?

If you figure this out, you will have learned how to italicize your comments when you quote people. :-)

I still don’t know and I didn’t fix the other post.

I could replace the modem. I can scan stuff.
Jimminy I have two e-mails and do all the maintenance and install everything. I ain’t so dumb.

I just can’t put a picture in my profile nor figure out how to get yahoo from popping up on my kids and husband spaces. He can’t read e-mails from his so he goes to my what ever it's called.

I'm a child of the 60's we had rocks and stick and we liked it by golly.


codepoke said...


Italics are done by typing <em>This would be italicized</em> and this is not.

codepoke said...

Experiment worked. It's been 4 years since I used html, and I was not sure whether the character replacements would work in this context. They did.

That said.


Reply to this comment by typing exactly what you see here:

<a href="">This post</a> is full of <b>REALLY </b> cool <em>stuff!</em>

If you get it right (and if I do!) then your comment will look like this:
This post is full of REALLY cool stuff!

"a" means "anchor"
The href after the "a" means "hyper-text reference," and it is a link to this very post. You can copy any link that you would usually post into your browser's address bar and put it in an "a href=""", you will have made a link.

"b" means "bold"

"em" means "emphasis".

Notice that every time you us a tag, you have to say where it ends. So the "a href" is followed by a "/a". The b by a /b. And the em by a /em. That's called closing your tags.

Jump on in, Milly. The water's fine! (and we all learned this way.)

For my part, I will stay away from all masonry, because I had no idea you had to use a wet-saw. :-)

Milly said...

Thank you I may need my sis to come over and help.

As for a wet saw if you are say re tiling a small space a simple tile cutter is fine it scores the tile then you can finish it off by hand. Why spend a huge amount of money? If you are in it to do say the amount of ceramic tile I have in my home you would do well to invest in a wet-saw. It works just like a saw and uses water so that you get better cuts and it's faster. My husband is slowly re tiling the bathrooms at our church so good equipment is a must. I think we have seven more to do. You could do this it just takes practice.

Milly said...

This post is full of REALLY cool stuff!

Andreia said...

I have a question for you. Why is it that EVERY time my husband heads into on of those home improvement stores he ends up buying yet another tool?

I dont think he has a wet saw, yet but the latest thing is that he NEEDS is a NEW miter saw.

Milly said...

Do you know which one he wants? Apparently we pipe in a subliminal messages because my husband needed a new saw. Now if we women had control of that, Oh the things that we could do. :-}

Our new saw has a lazer guide. :-}

Danny Kaye said...

"I just can’t put a picture in my profile..."

I must know, Milly. Are you planning on putting your photo up here on your site?

If so, before you do, may I ask you to be the first candidate for my Reader Profile thingy that I wanted to do?

Click the link and let me know. I will totally understand if you are not interested.


Ellen said...

Here is a list of basic html.

Includes all sort of stuff.

I'm not sure what the difference between emphasized text and italicized text is. (another experiment)

Ellen said...

On the photo thing...I think in order to have a photo in your profile you have to have it posted on line somewhere. I used That will give you a URL to post in the spot where blogger needs it.

Andreia said...

It took me forever to figure the picture thing out but there is a way for you to do it where you post the picture to your blog or something like that instead of to something like flicker. I found the directions on the blogger site somewhere.

codepoke said...

I did my picture by putting the picture in a post on my blog, and then linking to it like Andreia.

Ellen said...

As long as it has its own url, it doesn't matter where it comes from.

You can also put a photo in your sidebar that's not part of your profile.

Andreia said...

How is that for saying little and not really helping?

Andreia said...

I didn't mean Ellen's comment by the way. I meant mine!

Codepoke, its not true that there is not a picture of you anywhere, is it?

Andreia said...

Was that a double negative?

codepoke said...

I don't much cotton to the whole picture thing.

Andreia said...

I don't much cotton to the whole picture thing.

Is this a cowboy saying? Despite being a proud resident of the Great State of Texas, I dont speak cowboy.

Milly said...

It’s a Southern expression. I’m surprised you haven’t heard it. I’ve heard it my whole pea pick’n life. Why I’ll bet I was knee high ta a boll weevil the first time I said it. We’d be sit’n next to the spinning jenny a talking a piece about how them there folks up North was a ruining the world. :-}

PatrickMead said...

Rocks and sticks? You had rocks and sticks? Lucky! Back when I were a lad we DREAMED of one day having rocks and sticks! Only posh people had....

Sorry. My old guy genes just kicked in again.

codepoke said...

You got me with the spinning jenny. The rest was natural as could be for me.

And PatrickMead coming in here with his picture all working and stuff! What's that all about. :-D

("Don't cotton to...." = "don't like".)

I don't know why I don't like pictures, but I never have. Not of me, not of anyone. I just don't like to see the past frozen like that, somehow. It seems alive in my head, and dead in a picture.

I kept the pictures of the family up in the house after my wife was long gone. They are still up, and will be until my son is gone. I will give them to the kids as they leave, I guess. But I look at that happy family up there, and that's not me now. So it is foreign to me. It is ugly.

Pictures almost always make me sad.