Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To Treat or Not to Treat

This time of year always starts a rash of debates and discussions as to whether a family should participate in Halloween. Some think you’re sending your child out into the demon worshiping world dressed like a princess to take part in a devil worshiping night. That’s a bit extreme to me.

My church sees it as an outreach.
You are asked to bring a canned food item for our food bank to join in the Fall Festival, it isn’t enforced no child is turned away. The community is invited, this means children who have never stepped foot in a church are welcomed in with their parents. We have a safe environment for the children to trick or treat, this is important in the area it’s not the safest in town. We have games with prizes, hot dogs, popcorn, and so much more. All of this for a canned good if you brought one.

My opinion on this is they are having fun pretending to be a cat or a cheerleader or a super hero. My children don’t see it as demon night, they see it as a night of fun they are just giggles and love. We as adults make it into a horror movie.

I’ve never been fond of celebrating the holiday by dressing up and traipsing around the neighborhoods for candy. Then again I just wanted a normal birthday with pretty decorations.
My children love the fun and candy so I celebrate them being children for another year.


Maeghan said...

I have never had Halloween before and if I do, it will certainly be an experience :)

DugALug said...


We don't celebrate Halloween, and I cringe a bit that our church has a 'Harvest Festival'. To me it is a little bit jaded. We are going, but my wife knows what I think about it.

To take offense over holloween is silly. It will either anger or shame the person you are having dialog with. Neither is a goal of mine.

With our 5 year old, we have taught her that many people, including Christians, celebrate Halloween, and that's fine, but we prayed and God convicted us not to. Its not wrong for others to celebrate it: it is just wrong for us.

In our own way, though, we do celebrate it. You see, I beleive that if a parent is bold enough to send their kids to my front door and ask for free treats then I should be equally bold and give them large candy bars (no skimping), and throw in a track. We let our daughter dress up as a princess, or something and lovingly hand out candy.

I know most kids just chuck the track (I know I would of as a kid). I am waiting for that offended parent to approach me about it and explain to me that it is okay for them to bring their holiday to my house, and not okay for me to respond in kind.

The tracks we pick, are not the typical hellfire and brimstone type. They are small, simple 'Good News' type. Nothing really offensive, just a little something that may catch their eye.

The most important thing with our daughter is that we refuse to sacrifice any day to Satan. We have taught here not to fear the day, or even dread it, because the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in her is mightier than any frightening thing.

I don't know if it is just because we live in the greater-orlando area, but we have tons of horrible road signs for Fright-nights...etc... parties at Disney, Universal and other places. Our girl was a little frightened by them.

I have used this signage as a springboard to tell her that God is greater than the evil that she is seeing. So she doesn't need to walk in fear. She needs to walk in faith.

I didn't think this would work too well with her, but she really gets it. I am ever humbled by her faith, brains and understanding. Did I mention she is an awesome daughter.

Oh, we also let her have all of the candy left at the end of the night... (I buy enough for her and a small 3rd world nation).

God Bless

Milly said...

Dude you are so cool! That's great that you give then a track. You never know someone might read it. As I said our Fall Festival is an outreach. The kids are encouraged to dress in nice costumes, some don’t and no one is turned away.

It’s great that you give you daughter the ability to feel powerful over the fright stuff.

You’re a cool dad.

I love handing out candy, I love to see the creative costumes that come to the door. My children have never chosen anything evil to wear so I’m cool with Halloween.

L.E.Meredith said...

Ya know; I have never gone to the door on Halloween, and confronted a child who told me I am here to worship evil. Most remind me of little angels. besides those who choose not to participate in this holiday just leaves more candy for my grandchildren to bring home to me Ha:)
By the way Milly I would hope all are welcome at your church no matter the time. God Bless

codepoke said...

We had fun with it. The kids always enjoyed everything about it, and so did we.

Kansas Bob said...

Letting my kids trick or treat was the beginning of my exodus from fundamentalism ... too bad I was such a religious crab when they were younger.

Karen said...

I love Halloween. Always have. My mom would make this incredible soup and I loved handing candy out. Mom wouldn't let us go all over the neighborhood. Couldn't wait to have fun with my kids, and it's been a blast.
The history of Halloween is interesting; and besides being creative and fun, I just see it as laughing in the face of darkness because we have no fear of anything in Christ. Besides, my kids were always dressed like pterodactyls (that was fun to make) robots, Captain Picard, IRS men, Men in Black. Fun!