Monday, October 30, 2006

It's candy corn time

No matter if you celebrate it as Halloween or another day
I know I will.

I plan on spending my time relaxing once the kids are in school. I think I deserve it today.
We will be going to my dad’s for a bit of fun later that night.

There is something about this time of year I find myself pondering in front of the candy. Thinking about how many tiny bars equal one real size. I did an assessment today, note I refuse to do the math this is just my thinking, my delusion, it take six. That’s right I said six. Allow me to explain my theory two isn’t it, any one can tell that three is odd. Four is too even, five is wrong so it’s six. You can eat six tiny bars to equal one. Go on it’s fine.

I don’t actually like candy corn myself. It’s just colored sugar shaped like pumpkins and stuff, but I eat at least a small hand full every year. Why? you ask. Because you have to, it’s bad luck not to eat it. It’s like new years day and black-eyed -peas.

I don’t dress for Halloween. Well I dress, not in costume any more. I’m looking for a photograph of me dressed like a witch when working as an entertainer for a local restaurant, I could only find this picture of me from improvisational theater. Many moons ago.

Be safe and eat your candy corn for luck. ;-}


codepoke said...

I bet you were scary good at improv!

We'll be having fun. Or at least I will. My son is too old and too young to hand out candy. I'm just the right age, and getting righter every year. :-)

I love how happy the little kids get. I always buy the good candy, because I remember how much I used to hate getting the stupid, cheap stuff. 2 M & M 's is better than 20 tootsie rolls.

Milly said...

I loved doing improvisational theater. I kept the other actor in the dark on that one in the photo for the first night’s performance. I was very low key about how my character felt about Clever Hans. So he was really stammering and feeling all a twitter. The hardest part about what we did was playing several parts in one story. I missed dropping an accent for a few moments. The person I was talking to let me know with a look that I was still using my Mexican Italian voice. The key to good improv is know each other and liking them. We didn’t really use props so when I put Little Red Cap’s invisible basket down it got tripped over and searched for. We did stuff like that to stay fresh.

codepoke said...

The only thing I know about improvisational comedy is that you always have to say, "Yes." Saying, "No," is never funny. If someone suggests curing your ingrown toenail with amputation, you have to agree to the idea, and up the ante somehow.

I am taken with the idea that life is like that. It's only fun when we say, "Yes," a lot.

Milly said...

We didn’t take suggestions from the audience so I didn’t have to do too many odd things. We went off of Grimm's Fairy Tales, they can be rather dark. We would read the story together then put a performance together. One of my favorite moments was when I was sitting on the floor and singing Little Rabbit Foo Foo, I was in character so didn’t realize that several children came over and sat next to me. I was told after the event.

We did a coffee house theater one night about a person in a park and the people who come past. That was fun, I was a hooker, an old lady, and some others.

I was given the opportunity to work with children in a grade school for a two day improv class. That was an ego boost deluxe for all of us.

My last event was for PTA I played the sheriff of Video Town. I frightened my friend by showing up without a script that I was suppose to have written. I knew what I wanted to say so I told her to just feed off of me. It was good and we loved doing it. I then had to do one more for the survivor reading night on the live broadcast I showed up in ripped clothes looking all out of breath and stuff. I talked about the adventures in the book I was reading. It was also Dr. Seuss’s birthday. At the end she asked me what book I was reading I gave the title of the Seuss book. You could hear the kids laughing as I walked out talking about the adventures. I think it was Green Eggs and Ham.

I love doing stuff like that.

codepoke said...

Those are some great memories!

Showing up without a script :-D She's just like Maverick in Top Gun - You're dangerous, Millster. Dangerous!