Monday, October 02, 2006

I believe that most women want smart and capable man.

On the flip side of the post I believe that most men want smart and capable women, women want men who are smart, resourceful, and respectful.

I will admit I look at the outside package first. Come on we all do men and women. How many times have you heard "Look , that ugly person is for me."? Anyone one? Nope didn’t think so. They always have something to spark us. The way they carry themselves, how they smile, laughter, it’s always something.

I think that it’s so cool that some of you look at your wives and wonder why they chose you. Doug it’s clear to see that you are love struck. Guess what? She’s love struck also. She loves your heart. She loves the way that you love her. You are smart, funny, and you love God. Those are the things we look for in our men.

As Kansas Bob said,
I think that mutual respect is at the heart of successful connections/relationships - we would all do well to examine our heart motives when we date/marry and look for a partner that we really like and respect at a heart level

Codepoke is right understanding each other is key.

If every time you say something the other person looks as if you have a mouse on your head, it simply will not work. If you need to be alone from time to time they need to respect that. We all have moods good, bad, and ugly you have to understand it.

I am afraid of spiders. I have a reason, a good one, and you have to understand that. We all have things from our past that shape who we are. I was watching a comedian one night he told a story about how women can say things that will set a man off, here it is "You’re stupid like your father"I’ve said something like this under my breath. I’ll admit it. He is like his parents at times. We all have parental traits. We are all to some degree like those who raised us. Thank goodness my parents were great. ;-}

Back to the quest for a man.

The night I met my husband I wasn’t looking. I had given up, didn’t want or need one. I wanted God I wanted to know Him and no man was to get in the way of that. Something about him got to me. I couldn’t stop looking at this guy. So I hadn’t given up. I dated him for a while before I asked him to marry me. Yes I asked. He could do things and had a good work ethics. He respected me. He was raised in a church. So he knew how important it was for me to attend on Sundays. (He did ask me to marry him later to make to official and all)

We have to peel the layers back and see the person inside. I don’t think that I have never met anyone and thought they are only what you see. I realize they have more in them. If you choose only from what they are willing to give you might make the wrong choice.

When we first start dating everyone is nice and polished women don’t belch on the first date. Nor do most men. Can you imagine holding the door for her then {{{{{burp!}}}}}No matter who did it, it’s not appropriate for a first date. After time passes you become real, I began to see the man I was loving and realistically speaking I didn’t love it all.

Men and women are different we hold a man to a high standard at times. Perhaps too high. We want to be equal yet we also want to be treated like a lady.

We confuse men don’t we?

Now here it is the way Milly wants to be treated. Stand back!
I want respect. I want you to love me. I will never ask that you understand me. I don’t always understand you. I do want you to see where I’m coming from I will tell you so that you understand, you must do the same so that I understand. I like it when the door is held for me. Thanking me is nice. I want you to think I’m attractive. No matter who you are you need to be attracted to the person you are married to. No woman wants to think her husband feels she’s ugly. I need to be attracted to you.

Men and women without a doubt are different, God created us that way. One thing that’s the same is our basic needs we all want the same things. We want love and respect.


Kansas Bob said...

Ditto this for me: "We want love and respect." We watched 9 part video with a group from church last winter - it was called Love and Respect and talked about the differences between guys and gals. Good teaching and helpful for married and engaged couples.

DugALug said...


Well said. You really crack me up... but for the record: I really did marry up.

Have a blessed day.

God Bless

Maeghan said...

Again, great post!

We confuse men don’t we?

Sometimes, I confuse myself ... well ... :)